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When I started my webcomic here, I was studying for a 4-year degree in Geoinformatics (GIS) at the University of Pretoria, Republic of South Africa. Currently I'm done with that and working full time in GIS and IT.

The languages I speak are Afrikaans (mother tongue), English (relatively well), German (badly), and Tswana (barely).

I'm a fan of science fiction and "furry" art (Mandatory Disclaimer: furry, but not sleaze).

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Verlore Geleentheid
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Lost Opportunity
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Comment on Becoming the Archetype of Verlore Geleentheid
Wolfie_Inu, 05 Oct 2016 02:59 pm
Jammer oor die maand se stilte! Ek het klaar 'n nuwe rekenaar opgebou en 'n paar besige naweke gehad, maar beplan om weer terug te kom in 'n weeklikse / tweeweeklikse skedule.

Sorry about the month-long silence! I finished building up a new computer and had a few busy weekends, but am planning to get back into a weekly / fortnightly schedule.


Jane: To answer the question: in my example, the castanets will be filtered out as well, even though they were in the original recording. / In a similar way: the teleporter makes no assumptions that only Khanites will be transported through it, and yet -

Jane: - Om-Ankh which are transported through it, change into Khanites. What can you deduce from this?
Louwrens: I think I know, but you tell me.

J: That means: seen from an information perspective, despite the many differences in geno- and phenotype, the Om-Ankh are essentially Khanites. When the Anakim created you, you were not based on apes ... but on us. / Superficially, the result looks coherent, but when an Om-Ankh energy pattern goes through simple error correction, the underlying Khanite pattern reappears ...
Comment on Vaarwel Aan Viniel of Verlore Geleentheid
Wolfie_Inu, 24 Aug 2016 04:36 pm

Louwrens: Whaaaaa ... ?
Jane: Think of my present form as the manifestation of a recording on a long-playing record. Um ... you know what a record is, right?
Louwrens: Yes ... but what ... ?

Jane: Say you have a damaged or dirty record - when you play it back, there are a bunch of clicking sounds in it. / You want to make a recording of it and filter out the noise. But the original, undamaged recording also has clicking sounds - castanets or something like that - that sound similar to the noise you're now trying to remove. / What's going to happen?

Jane: ... hello? Are you still paying attention?
Louwrens: Sort of ... give me a bit of a chance ... it's just too strange to see you like this ...
Comment on Two Roads Diverged in a Wood of Verlore Geleentheid
Wolfie_Inu, 07 Aug 2016 04:38 pm
@Spens: At least you didn't leave the oven on.
Comment on Ommekeer of Verlore Geleentheid
Wolfie_Inu, 02 Aug 2016 03:21 pm


Louwrens: But ... ? Nothing's happened, then?
Jane: Nothing?

Jane: Maybe not to you ...
Comment on Voorafgaande Inligting of Verlore Geleentheid
Wolfie_Inu, 27 Jul 2016 02:27 pm
@HNTh: Of soos RNTh sou sĂȘ: Once bitten, forever shy :)
Comment on Voorafgaande Inligting of Verlore Geleentheid
Wolfie_Inu, 24 Jul 2016 03:59 pm
Fraktaal deur: XaoS sagteware / Fractal by: XaoS software


Jane: Very well, then. You probably remember how my father's device, which works like this "artefact," displaces people between planets. / The problem: the more mass is displaced, the greater is the volatile reaction when that mass arrives at its destination.
Louwrens: Of course ...
[See page: "Misluk"]

Jane: The solution to this is to displace the person that is being transported not as a physical object, but in the form of an energy pattern - by way of a so-called "teleporter." The mass is not zero, but is significantly lower. / By itself, a teleporter can only displace someone by a couple of kilometers, but combined with star-gate technology ... you follow?
Louwrens: I see. That's why I was transported through space as a ball of energy that other time. I was wondering about that.
[See page: "Komeet Louwrens."]

Jane: But that causes a problem. Over such distances, the integrity of the signal will suffer damage. What's more: this type of energy pattern is fractal in nature. Even a small amount of "noise" in the signal can therefore have serious consequences.
Louwrens: But I'm standing here, so someone presumably came up with a way to compensate for it. Probably by assuming that any more or less person-shaped object is a Khanite.

Jane: Not really. I'll demonstrate. Let's say I were to cause a very specific type of noise in the energy pattern ...
Louwrens: Wait ... I haven't agreed to anything ... !
Comment on Insinuasie of Verlore Geleentheid
Wolfie_Inu, 03 Jul 2016 04:56 pm

Louwrens: Where did you ... ? How did you ... ?
Jane: A lady is allowed have her secrets ...

Louwrens: Yes, she probably is, but maybe you should start talking straight instead ...

Jane: Haha / what
Comment on Auld Acquaintance of Verlore Geleentheid
Wolfie_Inu, 20 Jun 2016 02:06 am
@HNTh: Haha, dankie! :D
Comment on Auld Acquaintance of Verlore Geleentheid
Wolfie_Inu, 16 Jun 2016 02:14 pm

Louwrens: WHere to now? Another flat? Do you own it as well?
Jane: I own the whole block of flats, for what it's worth. After the bomb damage around here it's not exactly a sought-after area. Even the hobos no longer bother me after I chased them away a couple of times.
Louwrens: Well, you can be rather intimidating ...

Louwrens: What do you keep here?
Jane: Among other things, an old friend of yours, if I'm not mistaken ...
Comment on Selfverwyt en Menslikheid of Verlore Geleentheid
Wolfie_Inu, 29 May 2016 02:43 pm

Louwrens: You first. If you really thought that I came here to kill you, why would you just let it happen? I don't know you to be like that.
Jane: You're probably right. I don't know myself. I just don't see the point of - never mind ... / It's just ... after all my years of agonizing and planning, what have I really achieved? Nothing: the Anakim still exist, and we're still dancing to their tune ...

Jane: What's more: I prepared the Anakim's superweapon for them. I went against my better judgment because I wanted revenge, and countless millions of people on Atlantis almost paid with their lives. For a second time, my planet was almost ... / wiped clean / ... and this time because of my actions.

Louwrens: Well, you at least stopped it before it was too late, even though at the time you did it to prevent Khanite casualties ... / ... but I'd like to know for what reason you finally decided that we so-called "Om-Ankh" also count as "people."
Jane: ... it's ... actually easier just to show you. Follow me ...

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