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When I started my webcomic here, I was studying for a 4-year degree in Geoinformatics (GIS) at the University of Pretoria, Republic of South Africa. Currently I'm done with that and working full time in GIS and IT.

The languages I speak are Afrikaans (mother tongue), English (relatively well), German (badly), and Tswana (barely).

I'm a fan of science fiction and "furry" art (Mandatory Disclaimer: furry, but not sleaze).

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Comment on Skielike Besef of Verlore Geleentheid
Wolfie_Inu, December 4th, 2016, 4:30 pm

Louwrens: ... this too, now?

Louwrens: But wait, she said ... supposing that she meant ... ?
Comment on Frustrasie of Verlore Geleentheid
Wolfie_Inu, November 22nd, 2016, 4:08 pm

Jane: Is that what you wanted to hear? Are you happy?
Louwrens: I -
Jane: Then you're done here, aren't you. Leave.
Louwrens: But is -

Jane: Good. Farewell. Leave me be.
Louwrens: ... if that's what you want ...
Comment on Beyond the Pale of Verlore Geleentheid
Wolfie_Inu, November 6th, 2016, 4:07 pm

Jane: ... sorry. It's just ... didn't I make it clear throughout? Initially I thought you were space creatures; then I learned that you were programmable; and in the end, that you were artificial. At no point did I have a reason to see you as people ... and I also could not afford doing so.

Jane: I had determined to destroy your entire race, root and branch. And I could always rationalize it on the grounds that you were fundamentally different. Not only in an superficial way, but at the most basic level. Who can know what an alien thinks, or if it can even think at all as we understand it? And if it's programmable, then it doesn't matter how convincing it is. An actor is not the character that he portrays; a character in a movie or a computer game is not a person. It is not murder to end a computer program.

Jane: But now I know that you're also just, in your own way, fellow Khanite victims of the Anakim. Now I have no excuses left, and I can't disguise the truth any more: I was not looking for justice. It was all vengefulness, and I was willing to commit genocide for this reason. I am no better than the people who destroyed my world.
Comment on Lineage of Verlore Geleentheid
Wolfie_Inu, October 25th, 2016, 2:17 pm

Louwrens: So ... I just have a question, then ...
Jane: Very well ...

Louwrens: I mean, given that we already know that we - I mean, the Om-Ankh - are an artificial species ... why does it matter which species we descend from - ?
Jane: Are - / are you SERIOUS?!
Comment on Becoming the Archetype of Verlore Geleentheid
Wolfie_Inu, October 5th, 2016, 2:59 pm
Jammer oor die maand se stilte! Ek het klaar 'n nuwe rekenaar opgebou en 'n paar besige naweke gehad, maar beplan om weer terug te kom in 'n weeklikse / tweeweeklikse skedule.

Sorry about the month-long silence! I finished building up a new computer and had a few busy weekends, but am planning to get back into a weekly / fortnightly schedule.


Jane: To answer the question: in my example, the castanets will be filtered out as well, even though they were in the original recording. / In a similar way: the teleporter makes no assumptions that only Khanites will be transported through it, and yet -

Jane: - Om-Ankh which are transported through it, change into Khanites. What can you deduce from this?
Louwrens: I think I know, but you tell me.

J: That means: seen from an information perspective, despite the many differences in geno- and phenotype, the Om-Ankh are essentially Khanites. When the Anakim created you, you were not based on apes ... but on us. / Superficially, the result looks coherent, but when an Om-Ankh energy pattern goes through simple error correction, the underlying Khanite pattern reappears ...
Comment on Vaarwel Aan Viniel of Verlore Geleentheid
Wolfie_Inu, August 24th, 2016, 4:36 pm

Louwrens: Whaaaaa ... ?
Jane: Think of my present form as the manifestation of a recording on a long-playing record. Um ... you know what a record is, right?
Louwrens: Yes ... but what ... ?

Jane: Say you have a damaged or dirty record - when you play it back, there are a bunch of clicking sounds in it. / You want to make a recording of it and filter out the noise. But the original, undamaged recording also has clicking sounds - castanets or something like that - that sound similar to the noise you're now trying to remove. / What's going to happen?

Jane: ... hello? Are you still paying attention?
Louwrens: Sort of ... give me a bit of a chance ... it's just too strange to see you like this ...
Comment on Two Roads Diverged in a Wood of Verlore Geleentheid
Wolfie_Inu, August 7th, 2016, 4:38 pm
@Spens: At least you didn't leave the oven on.
Comment on Ommekeer of Verlore Geleentheid
Wolfie_Inu, August 2nd, 2016, 3:21 pm


Louwrens: But ... ? Nothing's happened, then?
Jane: Nothing?

Jane: Maybe not to you ...
Comment on Voorafgaande Inligting of Verlore Geleentheid
Wolfie_Inu, July 27th, 2016, 2:27 pm
@HNTh: Of soos RNTh sou sĂȘ: Once bitten, forever shy :)
Comment on Voorafgaande Inligting of Verlore Geleentheid
Wolfie_Inu, July 24th, 2016, 3:59 pm
Fraktaal deur: XaoS sagteware / Fractal by: XaoS software


Jane: Very well, then. You probably remember how my father's device, which works like this "artefact," displaces people between planets. / The problem: the more mass is displaced, the greater is the volatile reaction when that mass arrives at its destination.
Louwrens: Of course ...
[See page: "Misluk"]

Jane: The solution to this is to displace the person that is being transported not as a physical object, but in the form of an energy pattern - by way of a so-called "teleporter." The mass is not zero, but is significantly lower. / By itself, a teleporter can only displace someone by a couple of kilometers, but combined with star-gate technology ... you follow?
Louwrens: I see. That's why I was transported through space as a ball of energy that other time. I was wondering about that.
[See page: "Komeet Louwrens."]

Jane: But that causes a problem. Over such distances, the integrity of the signal will suffer damage. What's more: this type of energy pattern is fractal in nature. Even a small amount of "noise" in the signal can therefore have serious consequences.
Louwrens: But I'm standing here, so someone presumably came up with a way to compensate for it. Probably by assuming that any more or less person-shaped object is a Khanite.

Jane: Not really. I'll demonstrate. Let's say I were to cause a very specific type of noise in the energy pattern ...
Louwrens: Wait ... I haven't agreed to anything ... !

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