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When I started my webcomic here, I was studying for a 4-year degree in Geoinformatics (GIS) at the University of Pretoria, Republic of South Africa. Currently I'm done with that and working full time in GIS and IT.

The languages I speak are Afrikaans (mother tongue), English (relatively well), German (badly), and Tswana (barely).

I'm a fan of science fiction and "furry" art (Mandatory Disclaimer: furry, but not sleaze).
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Phew. Some new techniques here. I'll get better at it eventually.
Yeah. Been a while.

Tried some art instruction here and there. Some subtle improvement I think, but practice still required.

Mainly speeding up the process, and more strongly stylizing things. Of course I need to brush up on the underlying real human anatomy also, but at the same time I have to be less clinical.

Single panel this time, just so something gets published finally.
Artists and knowledgeable people, please read:
@XDERP7: Oh wow, that's too complicated xD
@Guest: Aha! See, that's what I get for trying to use a language I don't speak :P
Lighting! It's here to make life difficult.
@XDERP7: Oh OK, fair enough. I don't speak French, I just based it off of the French title of the Tintin book "The Shooting Star."
@Skydancer: Kinda does, doesn't it? :D
This is the result of an in-joke between me and my dad that goes back many years, but it also doubles as a dramatic plot development!

Scary font by Sinister Fonts:
I originally tried this with daytime colors, but nahh. This is better.
@Keeper TGA: To follow up: the newest page (the one after this one) does include shading :)
"Sampioen" (mushroom) is an interesting one. Prime example of the terrible fate awaiting the spelling of loanwords in Afrikaans. At some time it was the French word for mushroom, "champignon." But... well... yeah.
@Keeper TGA: You're right, but my shading skills aren't that good yet, I just make characters look like they have beveled edges. I'm practicing offline, but will only begin adding shading to the things I upload once I feel that the shading is good enough. No shading is better than bad shading :)
Note that the driver is not actually calling her dad. That's just a callsign. :P
Life finds a way, but the question is: do you know de way?
En dis dit. Bly egter ingeskakel vir nog kuns en nuwe stories!

And that's a wrap. But stay tuned for more art and new stories!


We can.


As long as we - in spite of everything - stand strong, keep up our courage, and keep building, we are not lost. / Stand firm. You can.

Even if it doesn't look as if it's making a difference, even if the outside world doesn't change, we change ourselves - we improve ourselves. / And in the end, that will be all that matters.

But our reactions to it and our actions within it are what matters.