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Age: 25
Gender: Male
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When I started my webcomic here, I was studying for a 4-year degree in Geoinformatics (GIS) at the University of Pretoria, Republic of South Africa. Currently I'm done with that and working part time in GIS and IT.

The languages I speak are Afrikaans (mother tongue), English (relatively well), German (badly), and Tswana (barely).

I'm a fan of science fiction and "furry" art (Mandatory Disclaimer: furry, but not sleaze).

My Webcomics

Verlore Geleentheid
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Lost Opportunity
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Comment on Skrif teen die muur of Verlore Geleentheid
Wolfie_Inu, 27 Jul 2014 09:02 pm
Ek het 'n hele lang toespraak vir Jane uitgeskryf gehad, maar ek dink dis beter soos wat dit nou is.

I had a whole long speech written out for Jane, but I think it's better like it is now.
Comment on (Te)Regstelling of Verlore Geleentheid
Wolfie_Inu, 20 Jul 2014 10:41 pm
Ja, daai is "regte" pseudokode wat ek veels te lank gevat het om te skryf ... :P

Yes, that stuff is "real" pseudocode that I took entirely too long to write ... :P


Aha ... all of the code for the vengeance weapon's activation mechanism was already developed ... / It just wasn't fully integrated yet ...

Just fix a few little mistakes ... data types, user permissions ... / Rearrange the arguments ... integrate the files ... and voila ...

So simple ...
Comment on Allegiance of Verlore Geleentheid
Wolfie_Inu, 13 Jul 2014 06:44 pm

Louwrens: Right then, I'm whole again ... and now I'd like to know why you thought it'd be a good idea to take me apart!

Nurse: It wasn't my idea ... but it's the first time that we could get our hands on such an undamaged example of your prosthetics ...
Louwrens: In other words, one of the Resistance's prostheses.
Nurse: Yes ...

Louwrens: So you know who we are, then?
Nurse: Yes: the Om-Ankh Resistance against the Anakim.
Louwrens: Hmm ... the guard whom I shot was an Om-Ankh with the Anakim's uniform and weaponry ... / And there are Om-Ankh who look like Khanites; like me. But according to my sensors, you're a real Khanite; and I saw a few other Khanites in this base, too. Why are Khanites working for the Anakim?
Comment on Schedule Overrun of Verlore Geleentheid
Wolfie_Inu, 30 Jun 2014 09:11 pm

Person in video: ... the secret base inside of Mount Fuji is therefore the most suitable place to develop the device. / The Om-Ankh's ultimatum means that it is of utmost importance that the project be completed as soon as possible ...

Jane: Pa ... you were too late ... / But what you started -
Comment on Erfenis of Verlore Geleentheid
Wolfie_Inu, 16 Jun 2014 05:17 pm
Geen nuwe bladsy volgende naweek nie, ek gaan nie tuis wees nie. No new page next weekend, I won't be at home.


Wait ... / that user's name ...

Is that ... ?
Comment on Mozambique Drill Demonstration of Verlore Geleentheid
Wolfie_Inu, 14 Jun 2014 04:31 pm
@Sksydancer: Or almost always, anyway :P
Comment on Mozambique Drill Demonstration of Verlore Geleentheid
Wolfie_Inu, 10 Jun 2014 10:03 am
Ongelukkig breek wye prente die webblad se formattering, maar nou ja.

Louwrens Shot First
Comment on Leverage of Verlore Geleentheid
Wolfie_Inu, 03 Jun 2014 09:54 am
@Adagio: Touche, and thanks :)
Comment on Leverage of Verlore Geleentheid
Wolfie_Inu, 02 Jun 2014 10:40 am
@GabrielsThoughts: I think you're overanalyzing this.
Comment on Leverage of Verlore Geleentheid
Wolfie_Inu, 02 Jun 2014 08:12 am
@GabrielsThoughts: You've had time to think about it though and you're on the other end of a screen. She's an untrained nurse with a knife to her throat.

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