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When I started my webcomic here, I was studying for a 4-year degree in Geoinformatics (GIS) at the University of Pretoria, Republic of South Africa. Currently I'm done with that and working full time in GIS and IT.

The languages I speak are Afrikaans (mother tongue), English (relatively well), German (badly), and Tswana (barely).

I'm a fan of science fiction and "furry" art (Mandatory Disclaimer: furry, but not sleaze).
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I'll probably find a million things wrong with this and end up modifying it but here it is in the meantime
You may have noticed a slight gap between pages. This will probably be a recurring problem until I'm done with my M.Sc.

But at least now you know that I'm not dead.
So learning Auorei is like learning to blow bubbles with bubblegum, or to whistle? You can explain it but it only makes sense after you figure out how?
Phew. Some new techniques here. I'll get better at it eventually.
Yeah. Been a while.

Tried some art instruction here and there. Some subtle improvement I think, but practice still required.

Mainly speeding up the process, and more strongly stylizing things. Of course I need to brush up on the underlying real human anatomy also, but at the same time I have to be less clinical.

Single panel this time, just so something gets published finally.
Artists and knowledgeable people, please read:
@XDERP7: Oh wow, that's too complicated xD
@Guest: Aha! See, that's what I get for trying to use a language I don't speak :P
Lighting! It's here to make life difficult.
@XDERP7: Oh OK, fair enough. I don't speak French, I just based it off of the French title of the Tintin book "The Shooting Star."
@Skydancer: Kinda does, doesn't it? :D
This is the result of an in-joke between me and my dad that goes back many years, but it also doubles as a dramatic plot development!

Scary font by Sinister Fonts:
I originally tried this with daytime colors, but nahh. This is better.
@Keeper TGA: To follow up: the newest page (the one after this one) does include shading :)
"Sampioen" (mushroom) is an interesting one. Prime example of the terrible fate awaiting the spelling of loanwords in Afrikaans. At some time it was the French word for mushroom, "champignon." But... well... yeah.
@Keeper TGA: You're right, but my shading skills aren't that good yet, I just make characters look like they have beveled edges. I'm practicing offline, but will only begin adding shading to the things I upload once I feel that the shading is good enough. No shading is better than bad shading :)
Note that the driver is not actually calling her dad. That's just a callsign. :P
Life finds a way, but the question is: do you know de way?
En dis dit. Bly egter ingeskakel vir nog kuns en nuwe stories!

And that's a wrap. But stay tuned for more art and new stories!


We can.