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Yet again you have the same problem. Their to darn small!
Good, the poses are really great and the sprites are a tad bigger but still need resizing.
Better than the last. At least there's more deatil.
Who would even bother with this? If you're going to even USE it improve first. This is so bland, my eyes are bleeding...
Their way to small. Try resizing them.
No! Stop following me! *whacks the money you could be saving with Geico with a bg stick*
I like this one better. It has more detail and truly shows your talent.
Is Jole even a girl's name? should hold a naming contest for him.
Lousy. Bad spriting. Needs more poses. Just average badness.
It looks farmiliar....a recolor of something perhaps? Anyways...good work.
Very original idea. You should use him in a comic.
R.I.P. Billy Mays. You were so gosh dran annoying.
Yay! You finally customized a sprite! Just make it a tad bigger and your good to go!
Destroy teh Hittler!!!
He sounds like he's made of cardboard.