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Cracked Egg
I'm hard boiled, bitch
love comments on my pages so post as many as you damn well please
p.s. I have a potty mouth :o
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Ah! I forgot!
I have a volunteer trip starting tomorrow. I will be of to some small village in Mexico to help feed and provide attention to the poor :D
I don't know many details because my sister pulled me into it. But I'm excited! I'll be back in about a week
Yay! I'm married to a sqiggle
@dontpush: hm... I dunno (- 3-) I'd have to think about that... Okay :) do your thing!
rolflmao this is beautiful!
Chess is so cute (though it's just his booty) and Teivel... I don't even know what to say
marry me? cuz I love you so much XD
2nd panel is my luv X)
@sqiggles: idea? doet. I wanna see what you've conjured :3
@Blable: hells to the yeah. Chess = lethal weapon
@dontpush: meh too
@all: thanks, now go add it! I won't her to see that she has support! Even if it is only a little
So... yeah. Neil got caught outside of the door :3
Teivel doesn't play that XD
Sorry if this is messy. I'm a little sad because an artist I like is going on hiatus for some things going on in her life :'(
This is a shout out to YukiMimi! Love you and your work!
add her comic to your favs!
this is so cute
And the Teivel fanclub begins >:D mwahaha!
Would anyone really WANT to be around Teivel, though? I mean, he's a rapist demon that likes abuse o-o and scaring people... And rape...
Teivel will torture him
o_o my mind just went to a dark place...
then again, it's always there
sick stuff with the detachable body parts... TwT
Teivel and Chess? O_o lol
I love you and him just ffor this!
And it just gave me another idea for a page
p.s detachable penis xD doet
Yeah... I'm pretty sure something in my brain is popped and it leaked out Teivel -_o
it is a sad fate for Chess ;-; mah poor babeh...
Oh, I won't be able to post much this week. My ULTRACHRISTIAN (often confused with megachristian, just more extreme) sister decided to have a surprise visit and she is none-to-fond of homosexuality...
she has no idea I draw this and I don't mind that fact. It gives us a happy relationship that I'd rather not have damaged
I'M SO SORRY, CHESS!!!! I LOVE YOU!! *sobs in corner*
alright, tears aside, this is
The assfuck (gay pun :D) demon that has burned in hell time and time again. ON TO THE BIO!
age: unlimited o_o he's been to hell over and over, reborn over and over, his age is OVER 9,000!!!! (Never had a chance to use that joke... I am so sorry...)
Species: Demon bitch
Position: isn't it obvious? the only one who makes him a bitch is the devil himself
Personality: Literally will fuck ANYTHING (he's had a bear and bread!) Sadist. It's easy for him to see someones weakness and he will use it until they die, or he gets bored. Because he just loves to see people cry and scream, Teivel pushes buttons and starts fights and he always has the demonic power to back up his words. He especially loves to pick on Roy for being both angel and demon. He comes up with names that I can't even write :3
Loves: SEEEEEEEEX. torture, tears, blood, gore, rape, murder, killing, sins, anything against God
Hates: everything and everyone, but will gladly take anything to bed, babies
height: 6'0
body: can change it, but it's typically lean and muscular
Past: Lived in Hell, was reborn (over and over), killed himself to go back, had the biggest orgy ever, raped and killed some people, Devil let him return to Earth. Moved to the Yaoi house, constantly having sex and sinning. Basically does anything against God.
In bed he is one rough mofo. Never gentle, he will take anything he can that will inflict pain on his victim emotionally and/or physically. His favorite in the house to mess with is Chess, who he loves to chain up because Chess hates it. He's also taken a liking to teasing Moko about his interest in Chess and how Chess is Teivel's toy.
OH SHI-*killed by Moko*
hold the presses!
this was going to be a just mine for now :3
we can make another together later, Marc
Then I fail :3 carry on!
Don't worry about the art! I can't wait to see the scans :)
Eh, I guess I made it confusing with the multiple colors I use but Chess has cerise eyes and dark blackish-purple ears/tail...
I only change his colors to fit pics, he doesn't actually have orange ears/eyes xD
Part 1
I'm not sure how many pages I'm going to have yet cuz I keep extending and shortening scenes xI but this is the first part of my little short story named "Blue"
Characters: Moko and Chess
Chess shouldn't be in dark spaces DX He still looks too cute!!! I NEED TO MAKE HIM LOOK DARK!!!!
ah! one more question!
I forgot to ask if he was protective at all :3
tsundere means that he is kinda cold around people at first but as he warms up to a person, he acts nicer to them
Just a few q's for a comic...
is he shy around Chess?
is he tsundere?
is he gentle or aggressive in bed?
what type of expression does he typically have? e.g. calm, stern, sad, etc.
I am a ginger! :D LUV!
Ah! you just gave me an idea!
I'm going to get to work on a comic right now!