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I don't make Comics that much, I'm mostly here to Read others amazing work!
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I see what you did there C:
Cute Story! Can't wait for another update <3
Love this story so much!
September 26th, 2010
These are so cute! I'm loving this comic so far <3
Oh ho ho~
Beautiful Page! I love your arts C:
I love your style! This comic is awesome .w.
Lol Eaglelily xD

Lol, I love this comic so far <3
That was too cute |D
Very awesome comic <3
lol That guy ate the Door |D
Airam <3 Cute name!
Hilarious !
Pft xDD
I lol'd at Cammi's comment!
This comic is adorable <3
This is not an Ugly page!
They are cute xD
I love this series already C:
Everything looks fantastic!