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I really love to draw, I have ever since I was old enough to pick up a pencil and wanting to be a comic artist was always an interest of mine as well; I also love to cook.

I also love collecting old stuff and recreation items.
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This is so adorable! I am finally catching up on what I lost haha xD
I actually did half a sleep while writing. Trying to get my works done. I placed things that shouldn't be, Its okies since these are practice comics to develop my comic style @_@ Sorry for being really late!
Sorry still busy lately. Trying my best to roll out pages, Please enjoy!! ^.^
Going to work on getting better view on this thank you for being patient with me.
I do plan to use a different site to upload, thank you for the advice at the moment being so busy I will try to get it next strip for now thank you for dealing with me.
I really don't know how big I can make the files here since I am not a donator I can't use the file size I have so I snip the size from my deviant art page. I hope to fix how big the pages are soon. Sorry to anyone having difficulty reading x//x
Enjoy please and sorry for any mistakes? xD
@Whip the Rabbit: I didn't take as an insult XD I am trying to grow better in my art and I really like feedback. Thank you so much :3 I am getting used to how to do it still. xD
Whip The Rabbit: Thank you so much for your feedback. I know I am not good at coloring, I been attempting on and off to create comics, I been wanting to do a minimalistic look, but I can tell its not great. I hope I can improve better. I guess I should do the coloring full instead of halving it. Your input helped me with doing this page. I hope its okay to you now.

For anyone who has feedback would be greatly loved. I hope you enjoy this comic for anyone who loves Halloween or maybe even dark stories. Please enjoy.
Enjoy. :3
Just a sketch to welcome people to the comic, the real pages will look better. ENJOY!!
Just a sketch to welcome people to the comic, the real pages will look better.
Just a sketch to welcome people to the comic, the real pages will look better.
This is going to end sadly isn't it D:
Looks like Miku Hitsune xD So exciting x3
April 4th, 2014
Why is he crying, he never gave mercy to those close to those around him D:
Can't wait to see what happens!!! x3
I am loving this more and more~ I been with this comic since the main was male and not female, but I think she really grew on me xD

This comic is truly lovely.
March 25th, 2014
Being popular comes with a price after all :3