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You can call me Mary or Rice both are good.
I haven't been here in a while but I guess I'll start posting this lil webcomic I want to start so yeah :)
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I think I fell inlove with this comic UuU
the art is so nice! I cant wait for more cx!
@mslettucepeanutbutter: Awn thank you *blushes* I just got back to smackjeeves I want to start my own webcomic soon VuV;; but its harder than I though
Can't wait for this to start UuU
May 16th, 2013
Name: Caleb
Age: 25
Height: 1,70 cm
Likes: Flowers, riding on his bike, smoking, chocolate and for some reason beanies
Dislikes: Needles
Personality: Calm guy, Nice and out going. Sometimes can talk alot.

Bio: Caleb was raised in a big family, he got his love for flowers because of his mother. when he was young he used to help her plant some in the garden and didn't stop ti'll he moved out of house and went to college.
He worked in a tattoo shop but got fired so decided to try his luck with something new~ ( sorry for the short bio ill update more later)

Extra Facts:
- He has a large tattoo that covers must of his back~
- Has a huge obsession with chocolate chip ice cream
- Has a girls scream hehehe so thats why he doesnt like to watch horror movies with other people

Okay I guess that s it *hides*
And there~
I'm sorry ;u; I tried *fails*
Zeph is still on the floor poor guy XD
So whos next in line?
Welcome to the collab!~
Grayson James Fearmin
Sexuality: Gay
Subject: Geometry
Likes: Hot Chocolate, Comic books (especially superman), His lovely and sexy husband Alex,watching old black and white movies, geek stuff~
Dislikes: When someone from his family or friends is in danger, Tea, his second personality named Jorge, being confused by a girl :D
Bio: Grayson is the Geometry teacher, he's a fun guy to be around and likes to mess around from time to time. His married to Alex, the gorgeous and scary Gym teacher, who he loves very very much~
Gray has a double personality named Jorge but he takes pills to "lock him away". Jorge is diferent from Gray he loves to tease people and to bring them down, he's kinda of a douche.
The new place :3
And everyone can post they're characters now~ Go~
♥Character Name:
♥A Little About the Character's Personality and Life: the link to the new collab.
Guys I'm going to re-open Teachers lounge! When the new site is up i'll delete this one ;u; I just want to know who still wants to be in the comic?
Grayson arrives to the party!
So! My page! Grayson is a shy panda! look at his hair all messy hehehe!
this page XD hahah made my day!
awww he's adorable!
<.< >.> *steals him and takes him home*
Dexter dont sleep at work
Wanted to post something here... So i made this XD;
Dexter sleeping probably dreaming he's eating some homemade food. ;3
Well hope you guys like it! Sorry for the failness i got lazy to color it cx
@Madame Moo: XD Im happy you like him ;u;
@Miss-llama28: You can hug me ;u; though he doesnt like to be touched must
Shame. doing such things on his grading table =u= Poor mister Dubois! XD
Here it goes!
Here goes! XD; Sorry I made my character traditionally that's why he has that green thingy all over him~~

[N]ame: Dexter or Dex to friends.

[A]ge: 28

[B]irthday: 23 April

[O]rientation: Bi ( though he has never been with a man also Seme\uke )

[L]ikes: Dexter likes classical music, his lovely sunglasses and coat, Homemade food and piece and quite~

[D]islikes: To much noise, when things aren't going as plan or everything is out of order, Sweets and not being able to see / he's blind :B

[D]reams: Dexter just wants to have a nice life till the day that he dies.

[A]spirations: To stop being afraid of change around him.

[R]elationship: He was married but he got divorced so Single ~

[S]iblings: None.

[H]istory: Dexter was happily married to the woman of his dreams but one thing let to another and they got divorced. Everything Good has an end that's what he thinks. After he got divorced he went to leave with his Uncle and now they both share an apartment. He found a new job and now he just wants to go on with life as quite as possible.

- Dexter is blind so he wears sunglasses to hide his eyes. He doesn't tell the students he is blind because he's afraid of getting bullied.
- He can be very clumsy so he might fall on the floor from time to time.
- He recognizes the students by their voices.

I guess thats it ;u;...
I approve this school nurse! ;3