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Hiya. :0
My name's trash. And stuff.

Nevermore - running
Dolle - forever haitus

you can find me on tumblr

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eek it's been a long time!! hi guys, i'm so sorry about the huge gap in updates...pages just weren't coming out. i've got five pages lined up though!

as always, thank you for reading, faving, and commenting!
September 19th, 2014
this took way too long....

again thank you for the comments, favs, ratings, and for reading !
this page took way longer than it should of..

as always, thank you for reading, faving, rating and commenting!
July 15th, 2014

i love it!!
no page this update but some art insteaaaddd
virginia and her classmates ~

@SinEverMorr - haha there might be! ; D glad to hear it !!
@1ce_k1d - it will be explained soon, promise !

as always thank you for faving, reading, commenting and rating !!
very, very late update...sorry guys!! ; A ;

as always, thanks for reading, commenting, rating and faving !!!
thanks for reading, faving and rating!
another late update...sorry dudes :-C but the next four pages are sketched out, so they shouldnt be too long!

sinevermorr: :- )
johanna: thank you! sorry about the wait!
catze: haha, i know, its been a while!
new guest: i'm very glad to hear it! thank you!

and again, thank you for reading, commenting, rating and faving!
it took me literally forever to get this page out, but i did it! hopefully updates will be more on track...

thank you for reading, faving and commenting!!
hey guys, i am working on pages, just wanted to let you know!

i'll be posting wip's and nevermore related arts on my tumblr,

@SINEVERMORR - i know, i'm sorry for just..dropping off like that xD i hate when it happens to my favorite webcomics so i shoulda known better! thanks for the wonderful comments <3
February 16th, 2014
hey guys!

sorry its been a while...a lot of personal stuff has been going on and i just havnt had time to do actual pages. i hope to get back on the ball shortly.

September 19th, 2013
woah hey sorry for the late update guys!!!

Catze - aww, thanks, i'm glad to hear it!

thanks for reading, reviewing, and faving!!!
wow late update :C
sorry for no page update this week guys! animal crossing has devoured my life.
but here's an wip of virginia and the good crowfolk!
in order: ligeia, egeaus, madeline and roderick, legrand, and montressor

pages hopefully soooon

noelburgundy27 - um ty :I i hope i'm getting better with drawing them
RailnMadness - haha, you would think so!
RaineRaine - thank you, i'm glad you like it! c:
whew sorry about missing a few updates dudes. :c

aenea - uh thanks! yeah, i'm trying to work on the sketchy bits of the not that great at backgrounds, but im learning

thanks for reading, faving, and commenting guys!
woah hey guys finally an update!
still here
haha um yeah still here! just having trouble with the next few pages. :c so here's a doodle

sharkbutt - haha, he's also a pain in the butt ;o
so...kind of missed the last update. :C oops

lamps are dangerous!
oops late update again. :c ill get the hang of it guys i promise

celeste - ahah thanks!
louisianimal - i'm glad to hear it! c:

thanks for reading, faving and commenting!
sorry about the late update. :C
yeah so i kind of realized the windows suddenly grown bigger :|;;