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I love this comic so far, it's so in depth I just absolutely adore it and it's characters! I can't wait to see more from you. Love Metz & Mic!
Wow your drawing of the male body is amazing
I cant wait for this story to get started. I love your art work and unique style. I'm loving all the pages so far and this is definitely a story worth waiting for.
you just made me get into sailor moon all over again! love seiyaxusagi
YAY! So glad u updated. It's my drug, lol. Just Love the ValxJacob pairing. I just think it would be hilarious to have Val end up falling for Jacob and it ruining all their hard worked plans. Definitely wanna see some more of them. But I adore Zadel and Abel. Zadel is just head over heels dying for some of Abel's attention. He tries so hard! Lots a love =)