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Well, I used to be an anon, but after going to a chat my cousin linked me to, I decided: Hell, why not make an account. So I did.

Thanks to Axe, for my icon.
Thanks to Trifoldzzy, for helping me make my first sprite.
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Speech bubbles need an immense ammount of fixing.
Any specific reason his eyes are open while he is sleeping?
Even some people in wheelchairs get angry at times.

Others get furious.
Even with magnets, do you really expect a twenty pound chair + a 90-100 pound person to be able to make it up?

Wouldn't an elevator have been so much easier?
The above comment is obvious proof, that Axe has become used to the taste.

I will never look at lemonade the same way again thanks to this.
Following about ten minutes of determining if I should stay in this comic or leave, I decided I have nothing better to do, so I am staying, for now.
Oh man, this does bring back quite a lot of memories of Team Enigma, which Axe foolishly threw out the window. Maybe Richard could cameo at some point.(Or maybe have a larger part in the comic, I will not keep my hopes up on that one though.)

Well either way, I am adding this to my favorites.
Legs are extremely short. Arms are to long. Pants are a little to baggy.
I feel abused again ;-;

BTW that joke was already used in Team Enigma.
Somehow I have a bad feeling about this...

Assuming COA = Me, here you go.
An elevator is still needed.

Couldn't find any inspiration for this update, so don't expect something funny.
..I made my character in a wheelchair because I have leg paralysis in real life ;-;
....That's nice ;D

*Quickly turns wheelchair around and starts wheeling away as fast as possible* Dx WHAT IS GOING ON Dx




No seriously, chocolate.... stairs?
...But they aren't moving... ;-;
Well, I was going to have him pick his room, when I noticed something: The hotel is not very kind to handicapped people -_-

So yeah, this is the best intro I can do for now, mostly because I don't have much time and resources atm.
And the chats are still dead...

I was told the chats used to be vivid, alive, and full of nice people.

I get lied to a lot -_-