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I'm just another Spriter here on SJ, making comics and having fun.

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Hedgehog Piece: Grand Voyage
Turbo the Hedgehog: Rebirth
Soul Eater: Chaos Resonance
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Endless Chaos

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Fuck it. Migh as well get involved in this shiz
Smart move grunt.
Wheres the loyalty?
Sorry in advance if the text us hard to read
One does not simply charge at a Thunder Scar.
Sorry about the inactivity guys, was in the process of a move and I dont have internet set up as of yet. So to make up for it, triple update this week~ The Thunder Scars are ready to kick butt and take names~
They came in like the THUNDERRRSCARS!~
Sorry about missing last weeks update everyone, WST and life things had me a bit preoccucpied. But better late than never~
The more you know~
It's to late to stop them now.
Credit to the emohog himself Dark for the Nitro drawing.
The jig is up, enemies once again!!
1 or 2? Criticism is more than welcome
@Axan: SHUT THE HELL UP COZA! I DO WHAT I WANT.....I may do 2 a week.
Looks like Jens going to give them a chance to explain~
Also heads up, may be moving to update twice a week every other week, starting this week. So expect an update on Thursday~
Yes I know, weird. Scythe pose is weird.
Whoo! New comic, and from Spik no less. Ill be keeping watch
@Shard: Of course! With Randy as the Scientist, and Vela as the Vactive, its a full crew!
Surprise Update with a Twist! Our trio pull a subtle Dine and Dash~
It's also that time of year again, the World Spriters Tournament is here once again, and this time ALL 3 of the Thunder Scars are competing! Things are sure to get crazy for sure, but no need to take my word for it.

The action will be all happening here at The Middle Ground!
And if you want to join up and get in on the action, sign ups are here!
Deadline ends July 9th, so you'd better hurry!

Okay, see you Monday everyone!