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I'm just another Spriter here on SJ, making comics and having fun.

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Hedgehog Piece: Grand Voyage
Turbo the Hedgehog: Rebirth
Soul Eater: Chaos Resonance
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Endless Chaos

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The long awaited fight between Zin and Charles is here! Hope you guys like the remade fight~

Note:Last update until next week, stay tuned.
Ill probably keep it the same, less thinking on my part.
@Shard: So what youre saying isssss, I have permission to use the Red Bows, Any Marines/Enemies introduced so far/planned ahead and any story plots revolving HP at my will?
Dark is a man action. Even his words, are actions.
@Frost The Wolf: also note to you from Dark: "Future fight me Frozen Baka."
First official unique laugh in HP, CH 5 Page 24.
Prepare to meet your favorite character, YOOBI! Oh and the shark guy too, hes important i guess.
Suicidal Fishman, exit stage cliff
Sorry for missing yesterday, coukdnt get ahold of a computer. Keep an ete out for update oart 2 later!
Update 2 of 7! Ignoring all the hate I'll receive for cutting off the fight right before it ensues.
Heyy everyone, long time no see (again.) I've had some recent technical difficulties which is why you haven't seen a new update or really heard from me at all. I'd ike to say it's all under control now, but that's not entirely true, but at the very least it's manageable now. So to make up for my absence guys an update spree to make up for my absence, 7 days, an update every day! Check back tomorrow for the next page and so on!

note: All errored pages have been fixed.
To all those old HP fans, you know whats coming.
Their swords clash again for the first time
Hey everyone, sorry to leave you all hanging once again. Going through some life stuff at the moment that hasn't left me with much free time for comics. That being said, I'm not giving up on HP. I'm going to preset the rest of the updates I have made to update regularly, and do my best to finish Chapter 5. After that, I'm going to take a hiatus to get myself sorted out. So, for now, enjoy this update and the rest to come.
#ChildrenOfTheSea #FuturePirateKing
Meanwhile back with the Nitro and Zin and the cameo'd strangers.
The two disagree and go their separate ways. Will only end badly.
Oh? Whats this? Could it be....a new CHARACTER!?
Tidbit of Darks backstory~ Flashback next? Maybe?! No.
Sorry for the sudden break guys, Wife needed my laptop for important College work, and you know, priorities. So I'll start things off with a triple update! Make sure you don't miss the other 2~
I cant tell if that wolf is super lucky or unlucky ¬3¬
Edit: I'll fix that transparency issue later.