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I'm just another Spriter here on SJ, making comics and having fun.

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Hedgehog Piece: Grand Voyage
Turbo the Hedgehog: Rebirth
Soul Eater: Chaos Resonance
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Endless Chaos

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@D-Ranokai: you can say nothing. For your avatar speaks for you
Dark's not pulling any punches, time to show the power of the Taku Taku no Mi!
TRIGGERED. Zinzuki finally decides to get serious!!
Meanwhile we have Zinzuki fighting the moody bunny girl. And... well Dark's doing better.
The second update as promised. Dark continues beating on a blind chick, let the hate begin.
Happy 2018 everyone! Long time no update~ The holidays have came and gone, my time in the WST is over, so its time to focus on the important things again... Like becoming Pirate King!! We are back with a new update schedule, Hedgehog Piece will now ve updating twice a week, so make sure to keep an eye out for updates.
Let the battles soon begin!
Well said Stripes
And now Nitro and Zin are both beating on one girl, the cruelty just doesn't stop! And whats worse, they aren't even winning.
Beating on a blind girl, for shame Dark..
Also, i do realize that there is a space missing in panel 2 and white stuff around panel 1. ^~^" oops.
GASP! Who could it be!! Just kidding. We all know its Roanora Zoro!
Horray for child endangerment for plot sake o3o
@Bringer_of_light: Thanks Neroe, you might see a bit more of it though, Im a bit further ahead then this chapter. I was playing around with perspective and what not. But thanks for the tip!
Kids these days man..
Dark rushing off. Not much longer till shit hits the fan!
Mistakes. Mayyy have been made.
Leave it to Dark to light a "fire" in them :D
Not as warm a welcome as expected
Ohhh poop. So much for getting away
Fuck it. Migh as well get involved in this shiz