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I'm just another Spriter here on SJ, making comics and having fun.

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Hedgehog Piece: Grand Voyage
Turbo the Hedgehog: Rebirth
Soul Eater: Chaos Resonance
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Endless Chaos

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To all those old HP fans, you know whats coming.
Their swords clash again for the first time
Hey everyone, sorry to leave you all hanging once again. Going through some life stuff at the moment that hasn't left me with much free time for comics. That being said, I'm not giving up on HP. I'm going to preset the rest of the updates I have made to update regularly, and do my best to finish Chapter 5. After that, I'm going to take a hiatus to get myself sorted out. So, for now, enjoy this update and the rest to come.
#ChildrenOfTheSea #FuturePirateKing
Meanwhile back with the Nitro and Zin and the cameo'd strangers.
The two disagree and go their separate ways. Will only end badly.
Oh? Whats this? Could it be....a new CHARACTER!?
Tidbit of Darks backstory~ Flashback next? Maybe?! No.
Sorry for the sudden break guys, Wife needed my laptop for important College work, and you know, priorities. So I'll start things off with a triple update! Make sure you don't miss the other 2~
I cant tell if that wolf is super lucky or unlucky ¬3¬
Edit: I'll fix that transparency issue later.
A triple update this week to make up for my deadness! Drop anchor folks at Aoi!
The Thunder Scars Navigator at work!
It's not like any of them had any possessions to begin with. Except Jen, and Zin and his giant death trap house
Poor Nitro, Darks supposed to be the conceited one.
Tis a good flag ;3;
@Bliss: You mean me? Or Turbo. Cause Turbo left the sprite life behind
Were back in action everyone, time for another blast from the past with this arc.
@sonicmaster05: That is correct yes.
Amd thus we do the cheesy goodbye and end on a cliffhanger. Whelp. That took like forever, in about 2 weeks I'll start posting Chapter 5. See ya then~
Idiots all of em!!
Leave it to the tortoise to spit some age old wisdom.