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I'm like waaay too short and not enough Asian. Love me some gay comics and uh...cats? Everyone loves cats right?

My likes include stuff, more stuff, and the occasional shiny stuff.

Currently in the process of making 6 years of hard work , with mah buddy Ian Oliver, on a comic into a reality here on SJ and hopefully it's gonna be epic. If nothing else it'll make me feel better that we actually did it.
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OMG yes. Do it.

Bonus strip to die for.
Aw, this is so cute! I love the dynamics between these two and I can't wait to see what Batsian's going to do now that he knows...
One man dance show ever. So much LOVE for this page here.

He is such a spaz.
Uh oh. I think he's on to you now, Amelly. You better watch it! :D

Lovely pages and beautiful art as always. Love it!
What? NO! You CAN NOT just stop there! This is not allowed!!! D:

Poor Batsian. So close here and he still doesn't even realize he sees his brother on a daily basis already.
Batsian is so flippin adorable! :D
OH my goodness! I get SO excited to see updates and we get TWO pages this time! Yay! :)
Very gentlemanly skull indeed. I like him. Also your characters are adorable! :D
Oooh goodness. I see some complications arising from this...
Oh my goodness! I m in love with this comic now! It is absolutely wonderful and I am so glad you've taken the time to do it in english as well (though I would have taken the time to read it in french as well since it is amazing!)

Now I must wait patiently for updates!
Girl Logic
Don't try to question it dude. It doesn't even makes sense to us sometimes. lol XD
Poor Feather. Kind of surprised that he isn't more assertive when you take a look at the people he deals with.

So much love for this comic. :D