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A random artist.
Me? I'd probably take one of his knives and chop him up. And possibly make tariyaki from him. I heard humans are tasty.
Looks like a digimon :P
Oh nos! D:

Hades! How could you?! O:<

Wow...Such a detailed building...It makes me feel bad for being lazy about the backgrounds of my own comic...
Hm, if you hate your art so much, then practice :3 I think it's pretty okay and your story is pretty interesting XD If you hate your style that much, then take sketch lessons on human antonomy or just practice drawing a normal human body O: It worked for me (though still too lazy to make my artwork accurate at times XD)
What's with everyone thinking Jidai's gay? In ancient China, guys actually wore flowing long dresses O: Wich, I say, is much more girly and gay looking then what Jidai's wearing right now! (you can't even tell the gender of some people then! Like Ne Za [kid on the flying golden fire wheels], he wears a lotus flower dress! DX)

*hides in a corner*