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I love Spock
I have WAY too much time on my hands.
I love Spock
December 21st, 2010
AGH! Pink colored thoughts! This is a bad sign...
Event flag!
His hair...scares me...
Total ninja moves, there.
I love Spock
November 15th, 2010
Da*n it! They NEVER go for the cat boy trick!
She looks like Smegel when he finally Sees the Light.
Poor random dude who just got hit with a table.
I prefer to think of it as "my inspiration"
Deeeeeeeep...I'm drowning in the existential!
Of course not! Haven't you heard of the "Protagonist Syndrome"?!
Make a pizza...out of YOUR FACE!
This one made me laugh out loud.
I get the distinct feeling that Tea is going to be paying for all of this.
I spy with my little eye...somethi- "TREE!"
Way too ruin the moment, Sqiurtle! @$$hole.
Woah- Farenheit 451 reference? (Technically they were fighting the crime of owning books by burning down houses and said books.)
Fantastic page!
This reminds me of the Grapist...

"Just look at her, she's practically begging to be graped!"
"Look what she's wearing!"
"Look what she's WEARING!?!"
"It's purple."
Pfft! So short!