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I'm gone. See you later alligators
prettyyyy *o* i like them.
That's almost a decade! :O
@Scar: Alright, then!
I tried fixing the legs here:

Is that any better?
@Scar: Yeah, I know. So telling me how to fix it would be really cool.
I tried to make a pixel thing of one of my characters, Cirra. It's still a W.I.P., though.

Shading is hard.

Anyways, anything there that needs to be fixed or can be improved on? I bet there's a ton.
coolest mop
I tried to find a flaw. I really tried. Methinks the blue part of the mop needs a bit more contrast.

Really nice sprites there!! :o
going with zman...... to LIBERATION
I hope this is an acceptable entry. I actually had a comic made for this, but I deemed it unnecessary at the last second.

It's called the "F.V. makeshifty" because it's a temporary ship. Hopefully I'll come up with one with... more effort put into it later, since today is the deadline.
Its captain is Rutile. I hope changing characters would be acceptable.

In addition, crits on that sprite (Rutile) on the top would be appreciated!

EDIT: also also "F.V." stands for "flying vessel"

EDIT: I have no idea how it flies.

also i can't post things
does this mean i get excluded from field trips
Tried to make Crow from of of them Professor Layton games into Sonic Advance(?) style.

I'm looking at his hat, and it seems so out of place. Any crits on that and anything else would be appreciated!
No, dobbit.

or dog if that works too
@Exclane: Whoa, didn't see this before, sorry about that.

Ah, thanks for the offer! I'll consider it if and when I need the help.
headcanon: gata is luke
I actually really like this. :3
(Bottom) I fixed Herrier's hat, so that it looks like it's actually fitted on her head.

(Top) As for the cat thing, I'm not exactly sure about her outfit. It looks too Halloweeny, but I still want to incorporate orange in there. Since it compliments purple. Or was it yellow.........
The clothes' design looks so weird to me, too. I need suggestions.

EDIT: also happy 1600 posts??
@Scar: Looks nice!

Sorry I haven't mentioned this before, but that blue shade (that doesn't look like a shade of the base color) kind of bothers me. Perhaps if it were changed to a darker shade of the base color, it'd look less out-of-place.
Kindle's Bread Shop is going on a (short!) break, even if it is only five pages in. I just need more time to make pages in advance and to make sprites and backgrounds specifically for this comic.
@xXCamTroXx: The blue fur needs more contrast to match the contrast of his clothes, yo. Also, if you're having him wear clothes, make them a little less... skin tight.

EDIT: oh and also if he actually transformed from his original form to a werewolf, you should probably make his clothes look ripped, as if he outgrew them during his transformation
@Scar: The V on his head and the chestplate thing, they look too symmetrical.

The sprite is facing kind of sideways, so maybe make it so that the V and the thing on his chest face the same direction as the sprite itself.