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I am a silly little yaoi fangirl. Hug me!

I do like making comics but usually what happens is that it takes too much time and efore and i am lazy. So expect nothing from me.

I like to right story's. But they are usually senselessly violent or a good story with a tragic ending. I also am very well known for making characters, very likable characters, for the sole sake of killing them off.
Fun isnt it? ^-^
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Just like the cartoons! XD

Eh, id wager nether. Their probably all used to his stupidity and would let him fall, because you know he'll just pop up out of the hole and be like, "IM OK!" and keep going XD
Yes, or hes going to try it out for himself and end up falling flat on his face...or off a building. XD

btw i love your new style
ooooh ouch! Lucky she didnt stab him with one of those awesome claws XD
Happy new year ^-^
Hahaha, awesome
I love it!
Haha wow you could actually picked up on the tophat in all that chicken scratch! You are truely worthy XD
Glad you like it
Hopefully ill be able to keep up with this more often now.
Dont mind my horrible hand writing and spelling
Haha. Yea sorry ive been gone. I thought id at least upload this little comic.
Im a junior this year with not one but TWO huge art classes, this unfortunately does not give me much extra time. But thank god for holidays right? XD
Arrrg! I feel so horrible that i havent been on *crys*
Group shot! Woho! Very nice body structure on them all btw
Very nicely worded. Celasia is so nice X3
AHA! He has red eyes! Now i have proof that telemarketers truly are evil!
Hahah i love her little rant ^w^ That juice box thing never gets old does it XD
Poor thing shes surrounded.
Hehe I think Yossarian is having dirty thoughts XD
i gave him undies ^-^ any better?
Sorry for the weirdness
YAY! A random crappy picture! I was bored ^-^
I actually have a thing for contortionists. Weird i i figured id have some fun with Janus and give you a little up skirt, or loincloth i guess, shot of his bum in the process!
This is a really hard perspective to draw this pose from so its not easy to see all his parts, but I assure you his spine is quite alright in there.

How he figured out he could do this ill leave to your imagination ^-^
ill go after you two then ^-^
I officially love her now X3
The eighth panel is hilarious for some reason XD
I love Alice. Its nice to see her after so long.
Nice job ^-^
I love RD The last line just cracks me up XD
Hes so inteligente!
YAY!! I love that movie too. I havnt seen it in a while though :( Sadness...
*dances* I'll take the cookie ^-^ Buck chasing Langer around with it is just too good to pass up XD