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Pigeons and Doves
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Targay SuperstoreSeeking Co-Authors
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Hello, Mr. Tomato
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Pastel Rampage

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Comment on Rules and Conditions of Corner Coffee
campanella, 18 May 2014 02:47 am
Respect Other Members..........$55
If other members report you for being inappropriate, offensive or aggressive, we will investigate their complaints. You will be warned 3 TIMES, if complaints still follow the three warnings, you WILL be banned.

Update Frequently.................$32
To keep your membership, please update frequently. However the submission contents must be relevant to the collab. If you have to take a leave for 3 months of more please notify the HOSTS. If you are not active for three months from your last submission, you will be sent a notification warning about your lack of actives. If you don’t respond to our notification, we will be forced to kick you out of the group. You may re-submit an entry whenever there are memberships available.

Content Submissions................$49
Commercial and inappropriate contents are not allowed. Each user can only submit ONE CHARACTER. If you wish to submit more, the characters will be summoned when needed.
Comment on 68 of The Lonely Moon
campanella, 31 Oct 2013 10:24 am
loving it so far <3
keep up the great work!
can't wait to see further of this comic
Comment on thankyou for 1100 fans prt3 (actual update later today) of The Summer of Blake Sinclair
campanella, 18 Oct 2013 09:12 am
Comment on page 753 (10 pg update) of The Summer of Blake Sinclair
campanella, 04 Sep 2013 08:43 am
PLOT TWIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment on page 743 of The Summer of Blake Sinclair
campanella, 29 Aug 2013 08:19 am
powerful page
Comment on ch 3 pg 60 of Goalkeeper
campanella, 22 Jul 2013 02:20 am
I love the 5th panel so much xD
Comment on page 711 of The Summer of Blake Sinclair
campanella, 21 Jul 2013 06:46 pm
Comment on Cozy - 07 of Chimi Mouryou
campanella, 16 Jul 2013 08:05 pm
that snake is so cute >w<
Comment on pg 6 of Pigeons and Doves
campanella, 02 Jul 2013 12:10 am
she was fun to draw :D

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