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October 7th, 2013
I have just caught up and feel it is all on a knife edge ... looking forward to seeing what happens next.
The Door
I really like this page .. the way it leads you in and down.

For me, there may be no action but I am intrigued and want to see the other side of that door so I think you have achieved something good here.
*clinging to the edge of my seat*
A brilliant read so far
I found your comic last week and have finally reached this point ... I cannot believe how your story has become so gripping.

Initially, I was not sure about your art style, but it grew on me quickly as it matches the world ... then it developed as our protagonist develops.

To sum up so far ... you always leave us wanting more, you know when to leave out words ... what can I say - just I am a huge fan *grins*
Consider me on the hook ... waiting to see what happens next. I love the world that is loading, great imagery :)
I wasn't sure what to expect, but I kept turning the pages ... I loved the expressions, the twist/humour whilst gentle did make me smile so thank you so much for creating and sharing your short comic :)
August 29th, 2010
Love it
"Not the table" ... one of the best lines I have read for a while, it made me smile.

Your comic is amazing and I cannot believe this is the first one since you were a tot! The feel from your painting, the washes of colour ... and then on top a stirring story is beginning. Like previous posters, I too am sad you cannot update as fast as I can read but totally understand how long it takes to transfer your ideas to paper, PC and then the web ... just keep going (at the pace you need to) is all I ask *grins with a cheeky wink*
Have just finished reading and love everything about it. The characters are intriguing, art is bold and brilliant and your site background should be too bright but somehow isn't ... with the eye being drawn to the comic instead.

Fabulous :D