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I've been drawing my whole life; took a few years of art in school. I'm almost entirely self-taught on the computer, so it's fun to play around with different techniques. My main shortcoming is patience, so don't expect to see too much fantabulousness from me.

I like animals, brown sugar, role-playing games, and singing songs at my husband when he least expects me to. My dislikes include mayonnaise and outspoken asshats.

I don't have any particular fondness for yaoi, but it doesn't bother me in the context of a good story. That said, I have the attention span of a gnat, and won't bother reading through a proper storyline unless there's something that grabs me.
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In response to the alt text: Ouch, been there. Fortunately, I was a manager by the time they did that, but it still sucks. Employee retention was bad enough before that.
February 24th, 2016
Dem some perty trees.
February 24th, 2016
*thumbs up*
February 24th, 2016
The cobblestones merging with the silhouette were a little disorienting at first, but I like the overall effect.
February 24th, 2016
So, this is what I miss when I'm away.

That left page is just gorgeous.
Dat's a nice fist you drew there
I had a dream about my great-grandparents (grandma's still alive, but late-stage Alzheimer's). It seemed so real, I could feel the stubble on my grandpa's cheek. Instead of feeling anxious, though, it was very peaceful. We were just having breakfast in their kitchen. I think it's important to focus on the happy memories, as much as possible.
Been there. I like things that cook slowly enough that I can just throw them in sometime before noon, and they'll be ready for dinner. Less micro-management.

Seems like you're handling things about as well as you can be. I know how frustrating it is, to live so far away from them. Just keep the love.
Extra egg yolks = custard
Extra egg whites = meringue
The struggle is real. My husband even watched the first few seasons of Grey's Anatomy with me. Turbo FAST and All Hail King Julian have been safe, but he admitted to loving Puss in Boots (as I knew he would).

And then sometimes he'll start watching something with me, and then get bored, but not actually tell me whether or not I can keep watching it without him. Or, "We'll finish it later..." (Once Upon a Time >:| )
Agreed, the bugs are pretty awesome. Read through after seeing those on Facebook. If I might suggest, though, it's a lot easier on your readers if all of the pages are the same size (width, at least). On mobile, especially, I kept having to zoom the page out for larger images.
My cat's the exact same. He used to start waiting by the front door, if he thought I'd been out for too long.
Was everything fresh? My father-in-law's cat won't eat kibble that's been sitting out for even a few hours.

Maybe you can find a light, easy trail, so he has fewer excuses? :P
When those medications actually put me to sleep, they usually hit within a half hour to an hour. Don't seem to do much anymore, though, unless I'm already somewhat tired.
Inorite? One company sent me five emails in a single day. ._.
@Nymine @mraab Thanks! I'm glad I found a good watercolour-effect brush.
I really like the colours on this, so vibrant. :3 It has a Saturday-morning-cartoon feel.