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pftttttt I draw a lot.
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Just like Doctor Who! XD
The base is from a person I watch on DeviantArt, let me just.... <---Her.
This is how I'm going to get back into spriting. .3. Bases. Gotta love em in your times of need.
Shameless Advertising from the Main Author's Sister~ :3
Yeah, the original CFOS, is ex deleted it in a fit of rage. :/
So I made a new CFOS! :D If you'd like to join, feel free~!
Oh my god Lavender Town!!! I can't wait~
Aw the little cute!
@Handsome Jack: I'm on my crappy Netbook and I can read that at a distance. Sorry, but either you need glasses or an actual computer to read this instead of calculator. .-. *gets annoyed at people saying they can't read things when I can perfectly with my glasses and small netbook*
@anon: Does it really matter? :/ Missing No. multiplies an item by a lot.
I like every page because the artwork is amazing and I anticipate the next page even more!
The new Mew Pokemon thing is cool and all, but I don't think it's an evolution or a form like most people are thinking, I think it's a whole new Pokemon related to Mew and Mewtwo. :/
B-b-but I don't want this comic to be completed! D:
What if it isn't an Eevee? .3.
I bet it is, but what if it isn't?! o3o
Nia sounds like it's a girl name, so I'm guessing female.
I did notice something was different about the page. I like it, it makes me feel like I'm reading an actual Pokemon book! :D
March 28th, 2013
Wow. Jenny. xD
Well then again, who wouldn't flirt with King Arthur?
@Kurona: Nah, my good sir, I do believe you have your facts a little obscure. Because David Tennant is the sexiest Doctor Who actor ever. <3
So wait a second, I think I asked this before, but are you still accepting cameos? o3o
Is she holding a Fire Stone? o3o