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Marcus Brigade
Hey I'm Marcus, n stuff
I like drawing Robots n shiz
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Nice to see youre still going dude! Just logged on to this to see how much smackjeeves has changed haha
Well that's unfortunate
But when it comes to characters, what an unlikely doctor. No hard feelings, your assumptions were well justified Poppykook
Now this is where it gets complicated.
You're making a huge mistake, what evidence do you have to back up that I've never been targeted when very recently the doctor protected one of us from a hit and saved them. Give me one more night, let the police check me.
I refuse to vote for anyone as it's clear that you traitors are taking me down anyway, sometimes I WISH I was one of them.

OOC: beautifully crafted page though, wish u were right <3
You're about to make a big mistake.
what's wrong 'bout my vote against lomiac? he's the one always claimin' he "knew this'd happen"
That backpack is almost as crazy as Dora the Explora's
C'mon now guys, what's all the negativity for? we're all fleshy meatbag humans here, lets talk about this, what'd I do?
@KreeTheBasilisk: were they all randomly generated or was Wheatley Heights meant to reference to Portal?
Since we're all sharin' here, blade's got my vote too, ther's just somethin' not right 'bout that...thing. Makes my hair stand on stand on end.
@Phenoix12: That's a good point, won't they be used to associating caretaker with...unpleasantries?
I've always wanted a street named after me
We can swear in this comic?!
I did not know that.
For Marks font I've been using Belligerent Madness from font squirrel, but there's nothing official, I just like it.
@KreeTheBasilisk: i've just reread this. PORTAL REFERENCE?!

EDIT: AND Mortal Kombat AND Cool Aid AND Space Odessy AND LOTR, why did I miss all these? I was such an oblivious child
<img border="0" src="" alt="cash money!">
@SPDark: For the record, I can see myself forgetting the rust spots a lot
@LandenMaster: oh! Jumper was actually mafia ;) I blame blackmail
It's not ideal, no, but it had to be concluded eventually.
It's in blackboard style because it looked too sketchy on a white background.
My whole plan with Jumper was for him to have a big reveal. He would reveal that he is Marcus the CEO of SPI, forced under a secret identity and blackmailed by white Lilly just so he could detain the deadly ARROW STASIS and bring his company back from the dead.
Obviously that big prologue never happened, so I made this.
To make it clear, this comic is just useful for future reference as Jumper, Scout and Arrow could be anywhere now and can therefore be used in future plot lines if necessary.
Talk about a beggar, just don't answer and hopefully he'll go away

NOTE: This isn't my regular drawing style, normally there's more black outlines.

NOTE 2: I have decided that not only does Mark think he is a man, he also likes men
<img border="0" src="" alt="A gay robot">

Image above by Kree
@KreeTheBasilisk Is the room number "314" a random number, or a Pi joke?
I still don't trust caretaker, even if my character that round WAS the mafia