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I haven't been here in years lol I used to go here daily hot damn. I'm still the same awkward mess tho
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oh my god yaasss
of course, I remember this! I even remember how you were working on a Nagisa x Rei dj? uvu I was super delightfully surprised to see you update this!!! I am glad that you are updating again & it's totally cool to go at your own pace~
February 23rd, 2014
Wait, quick question. I am so sorry! So, I guess, "normal," people,well, humans, whatever "OTL do they know they see Ekke and Peru as regular moths and butterflies or they see them the way we do in the comic uvu?

but d'aaaww, the pirate seems nice! Hopefully, he is not being deceitful!
February 16th, 2014
attack on the(titan)pirate!
D'awww, it's all good. Be careful with all those projects. D: Don't stress yourself out cause, jolly ranchers, stress is a killah. I know cause stress and I are an OTP. sobs

Anyway, this page is fine! ;v; It's great, pft, I don't know what you are talking about. XD

I can just imagine him thinking aww yeah, son, whatcha gonna do? I gotcha good and it's going to be like the tiniest of splinters, but hey, splinters are painful and annoying too(like paper cuts, gosh damn). :p

;v; Thanks for the update though! I got super duper excited seeing that you did!!!
This cover is really pretty~ I really love this coloring style. It's just so soft and, well, pretty~ ;v; You did an awesome with the face just aaah~ I love it uvu
February 15th, 2014
my heart man
This made me sad, but I was hoping they both were able to reconcile. This was so bittersweet like your other comic. D: I love it so much. They're so sad, but I love 'em.

The ending is so nice because, well, love is a lot like that. You put someone else before you. You make sacrifices and try to be selfless and maaan so sad. D:

sobs I wish I can make something as sweet and sad ass this. Thanks for an amazing sweet and sad comic. I keep saying sweet and sad, but I can't stop myself, sorry.
January 15th, 2014
ah, I haven't read this in a while, and I am glad to have read it again~ As always, the style is adorable. I love the way you plan/set this out. And the last page was really interesting-her world which is plain+dark then clashes with a home full of warmth and light~ Just this comic is so adorable! I love it.
Reflect on Yo Self Nameless Villain D:<
sobs oh hells no. D: Naw, man, naw. Don't let him drag yo behind like that. grab some trash on the ground or something idk get creative! ;v; Defend yo self.

Hmph, need some time to reflect(he be needing some time to reflect for being such a prick cause he is- this nameless man has made a bad first impression).

Anyway! ;v; Aw, yeah, new page! I love it~ ;v; and I really do love the way you draw the panels and perspectives. It's awesome~ :D
gah each page
I love each and every page, and I am always excited to see what happens next uvu it's like a cliffhanger each time for me or I keep waiting for something(first it was like what's the solution! now, it's when are they gonna meet up~) and just uvu yes, this comic is so nice!

and yes~ :D the week was great. When it comes to delicious and plentiful food, it's awesome. I hope you had a great week yourself, and thanks, for the pretty adorbs page!! ;v;
shush, honeybee, go on and take your lovely time. It's fine just like this page~ :D I really love your style, and I can't wait to see more. ;v; I was super glad to see this update, and I didn't comment last time, but yeah. Anyway, I love those second panel~ ;v; the way those jeans hug his legs idk and just I guess the fluidity of the pose/movement.
ha so me man
Just read the first 3 pages- my god she is me. Yes. I just write a bit and then the idea gathers dust and my god yes. I have an idea and get excited to do this, like right now actually and just yes. She is me. We is one.
;v; aww yisss
... I just wrote ;v; and it quickly inserted aww yiisss too. I say aww yisss more than I thought.

Anyway! I see people haven't been commenting on this as much as I expected and aaahh, I know how much comments are loved and stuff(like I get excited if someone makes a comment for me on DA or a review and stuff so yeah anyway).

aaahhh, I get so excited for these updates and am glad to see they are so frequent too! ;v; Makes my day hella good girl cause this comic right here is so dang cute and just your art style is cute too.

and poor guy-get the hella fine and adorbs Dennis. Don't retreat your behind, bby. I am just hoping Dennis is like talking and all and like *head turns* sees Sean and calls him over and just- Worst comment ever. I am sorry.
level up
That moon bunny just leveled up!

or it be doing some dark voodoo magic uuuUUUUuuuuuUUuu.

//anyway, for commenting the first time, I made a lame butt first comment too. Anyway, keep up the amazing work~ ;v; Loved your first comic from back then and love this one as well~ :D
Ah, ;v;
I usually leave a bit of a long comment, but I just want to tell you first that this style reminds me of the handmade crown(I think that's her name on DA). She made the Plume comic here on Smackjeeves. Anyway, you have a nice style.

This comic seems really interesting, I like the plot and the art. I am excited to see what's more to come. Don't push yourself too hard, and enjoy making each page! Don't stress over it! I kept this short, but this is my favorite page out of all the pages so far. Keep up the great work.
I love it so far. I've been reading since the beginning. The art is beautiful, and the story is amazing as well. I will love to see more so keep up the great work...and, ah, I would really love Jasper to stop hating Little Ink. ;v;
I get where he is coming from, but I see her problem too. Like, I see all these defense mechanisms coming up. She tried to open up to him, take a chance, and boom, right in her face so she pushed him back by saying fuck off and everything...but she wishes that they can be together. Oh, my goodness gracious these people! Oh, and the back o that guy's head... A guess, um, was it that brother or guy from the band? Like she was having an intimate moment with the guy while Regina was sleeping on th couch, and then they went to see the band.... Idk.
I read the description of your comic on how you make references to pop culture, and I was worried I might not get them, XD.

I love your first joke with cry in kaiwii. The ka-cry-ii. But sometimes I laugh at the dumbest or simplest things, so I don't think my opinion counts much.

But, ah. ;v; I love how you incorporated Supernautural with Dumb Ways to Die. :) You saw your chance and ran with it. I love you for that, and I love Dumb Ways to Die& Supernatural... So that too. XD it conviniently fits too. So many people die in that show, and some die, but hello, :D they're back.

Oh, I just*flails in stupid excitement* I got it, I got it! I was about to SPN is just a sad mess with so many feels, but then I remember the episode where Dean died multiple times.. I laughed at that. XD So, that can be like a Dumb Ways to Die SPN version, sort or, I dunno, :) just wanted to come because comments are nice and I really do like your comic so far. Keep it up~
Read it all in one go
I read this all today. I loooove it. I love the humor of this comic like when Nick said he was bi or whatever and she was shocked. So the next page had her still surprised,even when she took a dump. XD I love your little comments in panels, and all the little things! Ah, I love it. Everything is sooo cute. I love this comic, I really do. The art is adorable! Keep it up, please!
First Comment.. Ever. XD
I am going to make this short because I can rant, but I just love this comic so much. I love the characters. It makes me laugh all the time, and I love your art. I remember kind of being in the beginning. Like the 3rd page or so. XD I am glad that you got so many fans because you deserve it! So HUZZAH~ :D All those entries show loooove for this comic& you! >W< Wow, still long, anyway, LOVE THIS PAGE. XD Gosh, ;) He will get him soon. He just has to be patient.
Oh, I would love to help! :) I know Spanish& Enlgish! :D I am terrible at writing Spanish, but I understand! :D So, I will love to help! <3

AAAHH, sooo cute! <3 I can't wait to press the next button right now! XD Thank goodness that there is a next!
Awww, ;A;
I feel so sad for her, and I love the font. It looks shaky(a bit), and it just matches her tone of voice. :D I am so happy for this quick update~