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I like to read and make mangas, but I suck at drawing somewhat so I practice often. I like to make story lines and characters.
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August 5th, 2015
The Cuteness!!
It's to much for me~
Happy Belated Birthday~ Lol and that face in the second panel is priceless!! XD
*Silently Squealing In The Background*
CUTENESS~!! Lol at least he finds the name funny! XD And the blush~ perfection~!!
Daaaaaaaaaaaw! Poor Scared Kouhai! Senpai only wants to be friends~ D':
His face~ his FACE~~~ You can't say no to that! Omg it's so cute!!
Sees smile
Someone help!! My nose won't stop bleeding!!!
Sexy guy at the bus stop, standing near her, and she looks good... Could this moment get any better?!
Great shot!!!
Sh*t's bout to get real...
Go Lucky!! Teach that b*tch a lesson!!
YAY~!! Cute, super cute. And awesome! Way to go Alex!!
Aw~ Mr.Grimm looks so cute~!! And how dare they try and hurt him, this is what they get. >.<
-gasp- The hair... the beautiful hair! Why~!? It will be missed. But hey, Death'll still look good anyway.
Waa~h!! Pifo~!! Stupid old man!!
A sexy looking Luxray... on a motorcycle... stealing a character's heart? This comic is... AWSOME!!
LOL!!! i luv the last panel!! good luck!
(p.s. i'm sorry if i embarassed Mr.Grimm!!)
Just pick one:

To Lucia
How'd you do all those moves on the high wire the first time?

To Mr.Grimm
Why is one eye red & one's green?
<& Do you li~ke L-u-c-i-a?>
(note: sorry. i ask lots of question.)
Kawaii... and welcome back