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September 1st, 2014
Oooh, I have a terrible feeling that baby's not gonna find its papa.
i know this is nothing, But i cannot get over the angry looking bottles behind the butter.
oh no
i can't see the page :(
Freaking yes i knew there was a sniper somewhere
you spelled "damn" wrong. and it's not right to just stop liking your favorite musician because their gay, why should that matter?
I think oh men is supposed to be oh man, other than that I can't wait for this chapter to finish so we can read the next one :)
August 9th, 2011
wait, one, two, three, four,... is he missing a pinky?
oh my god i'm first.... but yeah DAT PATCH
You changed sid's fingers didn't you? their pointier now, before they were rounder.
oh snap
slam the door in his face
oh god
please don't let it be a hook in the mouth
random question
umm... where is page four?, i feel like i missed something but that just might be me.
umm... shouldn't we're be we've?
October 15th, 2010
my god, maggie as a kid is so adorable XD
hahaha no one is safe from the glomp
i clinked the link but it couldn't find your channel
umm... in the second to last panel, is the last word supposed to be tough or touch? just a random question cause i have yet to comment.