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I'll bet anything no one missed me!
Hiya! It's me, one of the many people that used to check back often.

But you see, I sorta quit smack jeeves for a loong time.

I had plenty of reasons...

I~ I got TF2. Yippee! Lots of hours to waste!

II~ I started reading "The Last Hunter...?", an awesome L4D2 comic!

III~ I started writing a story. A pokemon one. I bring new parts in regularly!

IV~ I'm making lots of Flash videos~~! They're coming along quite well. I plan on releasing them eventually!

V~ I started drawing in Adobe Illustrator. That is what you used to make this comic, right?

VI~ I'm scripting Flash games now! Hard but rewarding!

VII~ I've been trolling on lots of forums! Jk. I've been arguing with lots of trolls on forums and youtube videos!

VIII~ I'm practicing the piano! Hard but fun! I know at least ten Zelda chimes now!

IX~ I've been making sprites! Very simple 8-Bit ones. Also rewarding!

X~ We're all gamers. I'm no exception.

I have been trying to get back here. Honest! I missed the community and I feel bad that I missed this comic. I wish I could have been here for the end, but it appears that I've crammed to much into my day. I'm sorry that I let you down, guys. Afrohawkman, your comic was very humorous, interesting, and epic. I hope that "Adding Zero" goes well and will be just as good as it's "parent" comic!

This is such an emotional moment for me. All the hours I spent reading this comic comes close to the 63 hours I've played TF2 in about a week WITH all these projects I'm working on! It's so tiring, not being able to just sit and think for a bit! Well, at least it's summer break...

...WRONG! I'm homeschooled. That means that I don't have to go to school, and I don't work QUITE as hard, but I DO NOT GET DAYS OFF. Do you know how tight my schedule is?! I hope you understand now why I didn't have time for this comic!

...Sorry that was harsh. I didn't mean the "I didn't have time for this comic" part. Not a word of it. I wish I could have read it. But there are only 24 hours in a day and I decided to forfeit at least 2 (Some of my sleeping time) to read this from the start again. It's been so long, I didn't know where to start from!

And I agree. Only bathroom breaks and redeads can stop their team! ...Okay, maybe those vines from Mushroom Hill Zone. Not to mention whatever happens in Adding Zero!

I'll bet at least one of you is wondering "Well if you've been defending forums, etc. and playing TF2, why couldn't you check back on this comic?!". You see, I sorta didn't want to start over. In bed, I think "Tomorrow I will!". Guess what? Before I know it, I'm in bed again thinking the same thing! But then my sister wanted me to watch a video. It was Pikachu X Link. Weird premise, huh? I took 4 minutes of my time to watch it, but it was alright. Anyway, it reminded me: "Hey! Afrohawkman likes Cream X Tails, right? Oh yeah, he/she did a Christmas comic on it!". This made me want to check back twice as much. Two days later, I checked back to find all the awesome content that was added while I was gone! Oh I'm sorry. No one would care about me THIS much. I'll bet no one even remembers me :/

Anyway, if you wanna see the "Link X Pikachu" video, here it is:

I listen to the music over and over again when I make projects now. I do that with all songs I like. No, I don't get sick of them!
Great comic :D
First comment :P
Actually, my fav char with blond hair is Vegeta
'Tis true.
Will you update?
Man, it's been a while!
I've been off Smack Jeeves for a while.

But I see a typo here.

"H-hey! Link, what are doing, calm down and focus"...

Typo? :P
ROFLcopter to the rescue!
Here come them ROFLrockets! Oh, this'll be awesome! And I can't wait to see those OMGmissles! And yes, there's a difference...
No one laughed...
Hero of Comedy, help me out here! No one laughed at my joke above DOES_NOT_COMPUTE's message!
I was just complaining...
Logical question! ---->
Eggman can't afford to pay his workers but he can afford huge laser guns?!

The world is becoming completely illogical. Now that's my kinda place >:3
Sonic won't let them
Sonic will probably take the chili away before they can put it on him. He's "cold" like that. Anyway, I think that Sonic Rivals said he was Ice-Type or something.


I don't blame your brother for talking to you about grammar errors. I see seven misspelled words and many more mistakes. Before I EVER posted things on the internet, I made sure I knew how to type correctly (I was 6 at the time), which proves I'm "cool".

P.S. This is the best Smack Jeeves comic EVER! It's also the first I ever read! And I'm sorry about the bad puns I've been making (they're like 1/2 as good as those others are doing), but don't be "cold" about it okay?

Additionally, it's actually really cold here in Wisconsin! Today was less than ten degrees!

I'll "cool down" now.
Woah... Knuckles is strong...
Is this a reference to the fact that Tails' attacks do much more damage than they should to this boss? Or does Knuckles have the power to do anything, but isn't smart enough to do it all the time? And is that blood near the chest of the robot-mech-thing??

BTW, what's Minecraft like? I hear it's like Blockland and Roblox. Is that true?

P.S. I hope this isn't near the end of this awesome comic. You could do the other teams...
If only they had a Sega/Sonic World...
Erm, don't you mean IMpossible? Not IS possible?

This is a great and inspiring comic. I love it!
'Tis a shame that this Comic is so... UNPOPULAR!
Don't worry!
The shoe will protect him!
Does this mean Twix > Senzu Bean?

Goku should have tried it! It would let him go... uh... IDK.
I was Link two years in a row!
Really! I was!
The young me:
When I grow up, I wanna be Goku!

No wait, I wanna be Vegeta!

Hmm... No, I wanna be a Kirlia!

Uh... This is so hard!


I wanna be dead!

Wait, wut?
I know!
I... Make... EPIC SAUCE >:3

Wait, wut?
Oh no...
I think the crunching is his teeth breaking.