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I like to read....yeah.
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Knuckles: You said you got Sonic back to normal in one shot, how about helping the others from avoiding their slow and painful death by at least trying to do it again?
Anybody: Can anyone do anything to stop Sonic at the moment? Seriously guys step up your game. Its time to put on the big man pants and grab a shotgun, cause its hunting time.
Sonic: If you had the choice of sending your best friend and the person you despise to a criminal run asylum or a criminal run prison, who would go where?
@Eggman: What's up?
Knuckles: Are those stabbing killer points on your knuckles part of the glove, or your hand?
Well he can't really TELL anyone. Unless he draws it...
Tails: Did you just BECOME a child prodigy or did you have an interest in learning and got very into the subjects you know a lot of?
This is just something I thought up today.
Cosmo: How do you feel on the topic of Tails trying to bring you back to life?
This is really cool, seriously. Awesome job.
Snively:How dis you really feel when your Uncle Ivo went insane?
Shadow: Are you a clone or the real Shadow? Or a clone with who is lead to believe he is the real Shadow.....any thoughts?
Knuckles: How do you think the history of your time with Sonic and everyone else would change, if the Echidna race hadn't gone down to you being the last one? As in Angel Island was still very much populated by them.
Knuckles, Sonic did't take the Emerald. You did, through a trick of the mind. Your subconscious expected a joke like that to happen so it made your eyes see the Master Emerald in a light to make it look like it wasn't there. I am totally NOT a liar.
February 15th, 2013
Oh snap, she cray-cray.
Okay here's one that has been under discussion since the beginning of time:
Sally: Y U NO WEAR CLOTHES? The OPEN vest and boots DO NOT COUNT!
Everyone: Why don't you ever age, AT ALL? ESPECIALLY YOU CREAM!
@DragonErium : ya, I'n not good at editing feet and arms/hands.
@CreatorZone : what do you mean?