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I luv Drawing(when im not too lazy) I also like All Types of Asian Dramas, Animes and Manga.
genre's include: romance, comedies, dramas, & historical
Summer 2012,
Arival > :D
During > :I
After > X[ (didnt do a thing)
PLUS SIDE I WILL START A New Shoujo One Shot (typical shoujo) called... TBR (to be released)
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    Jin Baiya
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i back
-Atomic_Artist- is back!! Love all the story! Rei is a totallly a jerk
totally omigawsh!
best excuse ever!
i just realized.. she's going to college as a 15 yr old?
lil first panel
lol diverse classroom! speakin all kinds o language :D
Ouranos! i love thiss!! i kept clicking next but it didnt change :/ sadpatty
omg Minako looks really pretty on this page :)
EVEN better
!! it's soo good now, It gets even better!! (itshould :p)
wow. aww sad updates :<
i think yu meant to sat "regret" in the girly boy's speech bubble
uhh I'd really hate to go to this school. People picking on the new kid.
hahah rainbow hair! i like it.
-stares in awe f the texture in his jacket- 0○0
re-done!! whow!
Ahh! He looks awesome!! >.< Luvv ITT!!! -thinks about what type of fanart ta draww-
tis is vera kyute :3