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I like writing stories on, draw, sing, play guitar, ride my bike, & to look at the stars. My favorite colors are pink and blue.
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i'm starting to like kino. :D
I love the coloring. It's nice.
She's so funny when she gets into the evil mood.
No no your fine.... I can tell who is saying it.
Ooooh he's jealous...
Fail... O.o
Woah where did that boy come from?
Woah... >////<
October 15th, 2010
This is a good comic so far.
The reason why I started reading it because you mentioned Inuyasha dou.
Ehhh, I'm still hoping for something good to happen between Takke and Majesta.
*Crossing my fingers.*
actually ure not that bad at sketching.
To tell you the truth, I'm rooting for MajestaXTakke.
I happen to think that it's cute that Takke is in love with Majesta. I really want something good to happen between them. But hey, it's not decision. But really I hope for something good to happen. ;/
yah know, I didn't like Kino from the start. Sorry to all of the people out there who like Kino... I kinda want him to sign the contract.
Okay saying "I hate you" to a guy that is in love with you.... is taking it a little bit too far.
This comic reminds me of V.B. Rose in a very odd reason.
Wwwwait then why did he kiss her?
That kiss came out of nowhere!
*Blink* *Blink*
WTH just happened?