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I'm Australian. That's all I'm telling you.
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Sounds like the best way do one on a comic like this.
Because he's Iceman404. Awesome incarnate.
Despite the fact that he was an ass, I feel a little bit sorry for him. Probbly because I've had things suddenly turn on me like that in the past.
Okay thanks I'll try that.
I'm Back
After a long wait here is the second part of The Nightmare. Kirby won't be the only one but it will occur in his nightmare.
Is it wrong of me to feel sorry for Manya and Chrii at the moment?
1,2,3,4. I declare a thumb war.
The GKB's are starting to crack too now. They must of become part of the Second Post
It's aslo the way we spell our words in Australia to so I think America is the odd one out with spelling in the world.
Looks like the second post is about to brak out and unleash its fury onto A Kirby Komic. But I could also just be crazy. Most likely crazy.
Okay thanks for that. Do you have any ideas on how I can improve it then? (Not trying to sound rude or mean here)
There's a crack in the second post. What's up with that?
Congratz on Bitsy winning. I loled at the cameraman's comment though in panel 30.
Was Bitsy sitting in Violet's tree in the last panel?
Makes Sense when you think about it.
@Darchrix: Your not the only one.
Wow. The start of a plot, in a test comic. Who would of guessed?
New look for all your basement needs
I present to you the new basement. Tell me your opinion about it and any ideas on improving it.
Edit: Changed Nitnten's speech bubble.
6 panels for comic 6
Well I plan on redesigning the basement now for further comics.
Edit: Changed Ninten's speech bubble.
That's problly why Ashura could still move fine when Marine was on his head covering his eyes.