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Le Gasp!
That is shocking...


She's going to need a mechanical spleen now...
please, this is shepard we're talking about. He'll be fine. probably... he's come back from high orbit drops before...
Force Vision?
I assume Atton would show up blue while the thing on his head would be gray? Shot in the dark here.

If that isn't it, I'll go with the standard explanation of "magic."
Interesting. Veteran's day is coming up here in the states. We celebrate by not going to school or work apparently. Very similar to Columbus Day, in which we celebrate by not going to the bank and not asking directions all day (at least that's how I do it).
I would say that so long as TC receives a satisfying ending, that its totally cool if you branch off into other stuff. I like option A.

I have a feeling that New Comic is going to be hilarious. Also:

Xbox 360: $300
Video game: $60
look of shock on the guy in the background: Priceless

PS: if those are what I think they are, I would totally buy a totally kotor action figure/plushie/bobblehead (or whatever it is). It would be hilarious.
I find that when the bad guy starts glowing, you should find cover. That's how it always works in video games.
Who doesn't wish they'd killed more people?


in video games... yes... that's what I meant...
I would totally keep one as a pet/guard squid... troll... thing...

Imagine if they made a plushy version.
yup... that's moderately disturbing...

But only moderately. I have become desensitized to cartoon mayhem.
Totally possible, so long as valor and justice is the name of the cologne he's wearing...
He has crazy hair and silver clothes...
Of course you can come HK. Now if only Jayne Cobb (and Vera of course) were here too. It would be a carnage extravaganza!

I would also just love to see Runt revised...
I think you should continue to release comics in this format, then retroactively reformat them when your tablet arrives. Make no further mention of the tablet. Anyone who misses this comic will be totally confused. It will be hilarious.
You know... strictly speaking... If you've seen Scott Pilgrim vs The World, she's actually American, just moved to Canada...

Not sure if its the same in the comic version.
She dabbled in being that rude word... She's trying to get a fresh start...

Paraphrased from the movie believe it or not.

This would actually make a hilarious mini-series.
Manipulating the game engine to get back at the npc's? nice...
I pre-ordered the Halo: Reach Legendary Edition. Since its Bungie's last Halo game, I felt I should go all out. It comes with enough physical collectible stuff that I feel its worth it. Dr. Halsey's Journal, some digital goodies, a sweet box (frickin' huge), an artifact bag, and my personal favorite, a 10 pound statue of Noble team that can be used to bludgeon to death anyone who tries to mug you on the way home.
What a coincidence. I saw this movie yesterday too...

Is he a pirate? :)
I think this time it was a jedi... er... sith... no... hmmmm... I'll just go with mind trick. I love the blank look on Candy's face in panel 2. CURSE YOU KREIA!
I work the Graveyard shift, so I'll often see movies on a Tuesday at 1pm ish. The awesome thing about that is the theater is always empty. Or maybe 1-3 other people are there. When I saw The Losers, I had the theater all to myself. Same with Inception.