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Storyteller of small things, mostly about animals,people and feelings.

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If you like what you see send me some coffee beans!
(always appreciated :D )

Also: i'd like to make more MLP short stories. If you'd like to help me out check all the ins and out at this page:

My travelling project (i hope to be able to resume it soon!):
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January 20th, 2019
@guest: A slip of the keyboard, will be addressed soon :)
I actually forgot i already had some links up on the right...
But here's the list including the ones that are missing:

Oh, yeah, and Ko-FI too:
@Meepo: Thank you! Happy to see you liked it :)
I think i'm somehow similar to Pinkie so that's probably why the way i wrote her in this story works well... She's not as easy a character to write as she might seems: i think she's not random, she just have a very peculiar way to look at things.
This is a sneak peak of one of the very first preparatory sketches (turned into a b/w picture) of my next story: "Song of the Storm". It's going to be a story about a huge and misterious cyclone. And it's going to be about music. It's still in the very early stages of development but hopefully it will pick up speed once the patreon is up and i'll be able to set aside more time for it. As for now you can support my work trough gumroad and ko-fi.

See you soon!
How can an MLP story not have an happy ending?

Sorry for the delay in publishing the last page of this story.

Thank you for sharing with me this little trip in the wonderful world of MLP:FIM, hope you enjoyed the ride. To create Gemmed Rarity has been a wonderful journey. I set the bar high in terms of quality and i wanted to stay true to the themes and the tones of the original stories. Overall i must say i'm happy with the results.

I have other stories i want to tell about these ponies, their world and their friends. And i want to keep the same high standards in terms of art, tones and themes. To give them the time and attenton they need i've set up a Patreon page for them. If you liked Gemmed Rarity and would like to read more comics like this one please consider supporting me on Patreon:

I also made a collected pdf of this story with 6 pages of extras that gives an insight on the work that went into making Gemmed Rarity. You can find it on gumroad at the following address:
Latest update
Tomorrow the next page of Gemmed Rarity will be up. I've delayed the release because i'm waiting for some news to add to that page...
@Borg: -Of all the worst things that could happen THIS. IS. THE. WORST. POSSIBLE. THING!-

fainting couch appears

Rarity looks up between the tears and sniffles:
-You know darling, perhaps i should not just repair that hole but update this whole place: after all the look of this train car is sooo last year!- ...
@Ehhwa: Or is it? :P
There's something magical about a flying Rarity... or perhaps is it about a falling Rarity?!

Aaaanyway, we are almost at the end! But this is not the only story i've got for our favourite ponies.
I really would like to have the time to put in other mlp short stories the same dedication i had for this one.

As for this very page: i must admit it's been among the most difficult ones to draw. The train interior had a number of little details that required careful designing and a lot of screencapping for reference. Though probably the elements that took the biggest effort were the windows with their muffin-shapes that gets messy in perspective (although in the finished picture you can barely see them). But I'm quite happy with the results :)
Oh great! I just realized i made a mistake in the publishing order: this page was meant to be released on wednesday, instead for some unknown reasons i ended up posting it tuesday...

Oh well, hope it's not a problem...
@Draco Blair: Rarity has always been my brother's favourite character, and i can see why! As for me i cannot really say i have a real favourite or list of sorts... i do have a preference for Pinkie because i believe we're somewhat a way. But there are situations in which i would rather feel closer to other members of the Mane6.
@Borg: You are damn right: i'm going to fix that slip of the keyboard now!

Oddly enough highly questionable ideas have seldom stopped creatures from following them...
And than: realization!! DAAAANN!
Having Rarity make this kind of expressions has been huge fun. Rarity is a great character because of her capacity of expressing super-dramatized situations! :D

I wanted to give you all interesting news about future mlp comic projects, now that we are almost at the end of Gemmed Rarity, but didn't had the time to prepare everything in time for this page's release, Later today, perhaps, i can edit this post with more infos.
@Auro-Zorro: Thanks man! It really makes me happy to hear that. My intention was, indeed to make something that would actually fit the official pubblication! :)
The downside of it is that we're close to the end. But I'm thinking about other short stories and i'll post news here as soon as possible! :)
Thank you again, and hope you'll keep liking it until the end ;)
@Ehhwa: Well it's not uncommon to see water treated with greenish tints... Here I used pretty brilliant cyans for the sky and I needed to keep a good color harmony without making the page monochromatic. Green actually work quite well with water in lotsa cases :)
@Borg: Indeed, if you work as researcher to secure funds for your research is really important. But you know Maud, i bet she already had a plan to come back but she didn't want to tell anybody until she was sure it would work. And Pinkie can get really emotional at times!
When you don't know what to do help yourself with some sugar! Maybe you won't find the solution to your problem, but at the very least you'll have tasted something good! ;)

This too was a page i had to re-colour due to laptop shutdown issue, took me a really long time to finish. But it was also a very interesting sequence to draw: lots of panels to fit into one page... i think i managed them well.

It's hard to face the truth when we do wrong with good intentions. Or, rather, when we don't mean to do any harm. I'm sure Rarity wanted to give back the gem straightaway, it was just really really important for her to get back her inspiration!
I wonder, now, if Luna was around while Rarity was having this nightmare. Perhaps Rarity's dream was being so clear that the princess of the night thought best not to interfere. That too must be an hard job.

I must admit this page has proven troublesome at the beginning. As soon as the pencils were done i noticed a bit of an unbalance in the panels for which i tried to make up in the coloring phase. In the end it seems to be doing its work nicely but i'll have to be more careful with the storyboards next time.

I hope my comments on the pages are somewhat interesting, even if a bit long; i realize they might be disruptive for the narration if someone reads multiple pages at once and stops at each comment.
@Borg: We shall see! ;)
@Draco Blair: ahahah, thanks! It felt the only natural choice ;)