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Storyteller of small things, mostly about animals,people and feelings.

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@Murp: Thank you! Although it's been a very long time since I wrote this story, I still look at it and the times when I was working on short stories with fondness :)
Happy Paul is happy!
Holding a grudge and not aknowledging it can be quite dangerous...
During the second draft of the script for Shadows of the true light this passage was a key passage. There is quite a bit to say about what's going on around Paul, Tullie and Jun but, for now, it's better to keep following these three as they get to know each other.
A while ago.... actually more than 2 years ago, I drew a manga... well, let's say I drew a comic which had to be read with the oriental orientation and was made using just inks and tones. That story was called "Adagio for adventures" and it's still here on my Smackjeeves account. I remember studying how to use Mangastudio for that (I know: by that time Mngastudio had already evolved into Clip Studio but I didn't had the new version and I was poor... as I am today...), going through the process of learning all the tones stuff, printing several tests for the tones in the library that felt more promising and all that. With this page I got back to inks and tones but I used on PH here, after finding out how to use some filters to create the dotted effect at the base of tones.
I'm kinda proud of what I could do here with all the stuff I've learned.
Paul: -You're pranking me 'cause you noticed that maybe I like Tullie...
Jun: -"maybe" Pffft ahahah!
Going back to a water-based background while also inviting white in the page to frame the pecils' texture still gives a rushed feeling... I'm starting to think that all this experimentation with traditional media is not really going to get me anywhere. I guess I'll settle for a technique in the next few pages.
Apprenticeship for engineers in Illuminandia usually lasts for a year after the studies. Paul came to Namveti three years ago, but he moved to the little town of Ansang only a little less than two years ago to complete his studies and the apprenticeship/internship (you can use both words).
I'll leave the rest of the story to Paul to tell :)
Acrylics are so much fun to use! It's really a shame it takes me forever to paint a page with this technique...
Getting cocky, ain't we?

In case you're wondering: in this world the only source of energy (at least for machines) is "true light". As for what "true light" is... just think of it as electricity for now, we'll have plenty of time to discuss the matter later on :)
I wanted to add something to Paul's words but I guess this is not really the right time...
Paul (the brown dog), Turbo (the cat) and Sam (the other roundish-dog) have invented their own board game but they lack good miniatures to play.
Honestly I don't think those wooden figures can really count as thematic minis, but they are an improvement nonetheless: so far they had been playing with corks and buttons for tokens.
A quick note about "wearing the colors":
Everybody goes around naked during their childhood. In most populations people acquire a first piece of clothing when they enter their teens. To "earn the colors" means to actually be free of wearing as much or as little clothing you want anytime you want and that happens in different moments of people's lives depending on their culture.
In many cultures people earn their colors when they reach adulthood. In some the colors are earned through rituals or after completing specific rites.
Most Illuminandia's populations earn the colors when they learn a craft. In such cases "the colors" are mostly referred to as those clothes that display symbols of your craft. Some members of noble families earn the colors as soon as the obtain part of their heredity. Usually this is the road to “fashion”.
There are exceptions to these "rules", for example during celebrations, festivals and cerimonies more or less everybody is allowed to wear whatever they want, although dressing in such occasions with something that is not a traditional dress is often frowned upon.
Here in Ansang (a little town on the northern part of the Namveti country) locals usually get the colors in different moments during their teens, de facto skipping the one-clothes-item step altogether.
With some delay over my plan, here is the beginning of "Shadows of the True Light"
Enjoy the ride!
January 20th, 2019
@guest: A slip of the keyboard, will be addressed soon :)
I actually forgot i already had some links up on the right...
But here's the list including the ones that are missing:

Oh, yeah, and Ko-FI too:
@Meepo: Thank you! Happy to see you liked it :)
I think i'm somehow similar to Pinkie so that's probably why the way i wrote her in this story works well... She's not as easy a character to write as she might seems: i think she's not random, she just have a very peculiar way to look at things.
This is a sneak peak of one of the very first preparatory sketches (turned into a b/w picture) of my next story: "Song of the Storm". It's going to be a story about a huge and misterious cyclone. And it's going to be about music. It's still in the very early stages of development but hopefully it will pick up speed once the patreon is up and i'll be able to set aside more time for it. As for now you can support my work trough gumroad and ko-fi.

See you soon!
How can an MLP story not have an happy ending?

Sorry for the delay in publishing the last page of this story.

Thank you for sharing with me this little trip in the wonderful world of MLP:FIM, hope you enjoyed the ride. To create Gemmed Rarity has been a wonderful journey. I set the bar high in terms of quality and i wanted to stay true to the themes and the tones of the original stories. Overall i must say i'm happy with the results.

I have other stories i want to tell about these ponies, their world and their friends. And i want to keep the same high standards in terms of art, tones and themes. To give them the time and attenton they need i've set up a Patreon page for them. If you liked Gemmed Rarity and would like to read more comics like this one please consider supporting me on Patreon:

I also made a collected pdf of this story with 6 pages of extras that gives an insight on the work that went into making Gemmed Rarity. You can find it on gumroad at the following address:
Latest update
Tomorrow the next page of Gemmed Rarity will be up. I've delayed the release because i'm waiting for some news to add to that page...