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your average sprite comic author.

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Updates are coming soon
Clash of Gods is a Maple Story sprite comic. It is not set in the Maple world though. Please go check it out.
thats 2 times in a row.
peanut butter & jelly, ketchup & mustard, and super mario bros xD gimme my skittles!
So I've been thinking, I want to bring back NSOE as well as continue my others but I'm stuck on making this cartoon. So what I'll do is continue doing them but the updates won't be as frequent. As far as NSOE it probably won't be fully animated anymore do the lack of time & what not. But I hope you liked that little sneak peak of the new NSOE.
In the year 2020 the United States government labeled all Mobian citizens Terrorists after the death of Dr. Eggman. Most of the Mobians left the country hoping to stay alive, but there are some who stayed to fight the government & make things right. That group of people is Team Powers (a.k.a. The Resistance). Follow them on their fight for justice in:
The Adventures of Team Powers
Yea my new photoshop comic coming sooner or later go ahead and fave. But, I might just keep PJJ with it & delete PTK. Not sure though.
ahh the good ol badger .
short quick page
idk why tho .. >.>
where's the comic ?
@NonBackgrounder: 1. Crash & I made some more but none of them in this issue.

2. Microsoft GIF Animator

3. Awesome .
The awaited return
the other day i watched the whole season 9 of DBZ & then I thought. Why did I quit my comic? Then it dawned on me... START IT OVER !

So I did that hope you guys enjoy it (:

EDIT: Episode full of talking, more action in next one. I'll try to put it up Monday if not today.
beautiful page .
this is cool .
lol super funny .
lol yea his dad is open and ok on the NPCs
Ahem fans of Fire At Will I am sad to say that this is not a page of Fire At Will . But it is a info feed , I am making a sprite comic dub series like this -->

But I am lacking voice actors and I was wondering if any of you would like to be in it. Go to this --> for the character list .
Woot JR !!!!!!!