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lol... not a football; look closely and read some of the older strips. The soul/sould thing was completely an accident :P
November 4th, 2007


'Nuff said.
Definately hands-down the best strip I've done to date. *drools over own work* ;P

Meet the new baddie... although you've already been introduced through Sir Knight's reading last page.

The title is Zulu; it means "Set my Spirit Free." It's from a Johnny Clegg lyric (

Oh, by the way, the witch is more tightly wound to the story than you'd have otherwise thought. You'll find out how in the next strip.
Wooo hawt new page!

Done completely in PS Elements 3. I tried some new things on this page and they seemed to work.

Cast a close eye over this one. You'll notice a couple of things in the drawing and the text that will become important very soon. Any guesses on what?
Oh god. Those heels should require registration as a deadly weapon.
Um... what the hell. Is there ever going to be a narrative here?
Like oh so many things...
This one was time-consuming AS HELL. The next one will be completely done on the Wacom so it should go a lot quicker. And this page had a lot of open shapes, so the "Fill" tool was almost useless.

Things I like--frame 2. Way sexy door, IMO. I think it turned out really well. And for the most part I like the water effects. Luckily there'll only be one more big water page in the forseeable future.
More colour!
Ohyes ohyes ohyes! More colour strips for your enjoyment. I'm almost all caught up to myself again, and will start producing new pages soon. In the meantime, enjoy!
Check it out. No more evil-lookin' pupilless eyes for the Man. I got tired of looking at smouldering green orbs of doom.

Also, HOW happy am I with the art in this strip? F'in very! Everything new I tried seemed to work really well. I think that this is going to be the new visual style of Mo3F from now on.
Strip and then Vacation
Hey everyone, I finally got this strip up after dicking around for a while. Work has been nuts! And I've got a new Wacom Graphire drawing tablet that took a while to get used to.

Anyways, the next few strips are gonna go up as promised, but in black and white, then they'll be coloured later.

I'm off to Italy! Cheers all!
Gotta love Cyborg Bill Gates.

"We're unveiling Microsoft Surface today... wait a sec. I'll be back."

/disappears in time-travel-vortexy-thingy

One suggestion--even if it's supposed to be crappily drawn in MSPAINT (so underrated), could you make the frames a little straighter? Might make it look more like a comic and less like boredom.
And we're back!
All right, everyone, Mo3F has a few more mostly-finished strips in the chute, so expect about three to four more in the next two and a half weeks. WOo!
"And it's SHITTY poetry at that!"

Oh, how many times I've held back saying those words at a coffeehouse...
Ka-morph--once again, classic :D

Come check out the new Characters page at Man of Three Flagons!
Well, shit. What minority is he going to piss off next?
My car *is* kinda a piece of crap...

You know, when it comes to comics, I tend to stay firmly in the realm of kitsch and colour. However...


This comic is so well-written and well-drawn that I can't help but be drawn to the characters and their situations despite disagreement with their personal choices. "Pictures of You" has given me quite a kick in the direction of acceptance of other peoples' choices and opinions regardless of whether I share them; you seem to have removed a mental stumbling-block for me.

I do hope that you'll consider publication once you've finished. This is a story that deserves to be told, that deserves to reach a wide audience, even wider than here on Smackjeeves. I wish you the best and I'll be following this work closely as it develops.

This is one very well-earned fan.
With Apologies to Gypsies and Ugly People Alike
Mostly I'm sorry for the long delay. I'm going to have more regular updates from now on... I hope!

Also, I'm thinking about moving away from individual strips and doing a full-page continuous story.. the format would be similar (each page being a more-or-less self-contained gag) but the strips would run into one another a little more consistently... what do you think?