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Button Issues
Posting a comment to anyone who doesn't see the new update!

I am aware of the PhotoBucket issue and will get it fixed the next few days. I don't think this impacts the comic pages themselves, but if you find one that isn't displaying properly, let me know!
Button Issues
Posting a comment to anyone who doesn't see the new update!

I am aware of the PhotoBucket issue and will get it fixed the next few days. I don't think this impacts the comic pages themselves, but if you find one that isn't displaying properly, let me know!
Does Kratos know that diamonds are not inherently sharp and therefore make for a poor analogy? He might as well be saying "My wing is as sharp as a rock." A rock or a diamond can indeed be cut to be sharp, but that doesn't mean that's a given. Diamonds are more traditionally associated with density and durability. So unless the analogy was actually meant to describe invulnerability instead of damage output, it's not the best thing to use...

Something like, "My wing is sharper than any scalpel" or "My wing's sharpness surpasses even your sword!" would something better to explain its cutting abilities. If we don't want to make the other swords weak in comparison, he could just simply say something about have two blades or two weapons now, and imply how that leaves him with fewer defensive options than before. "My attacks now come from two directions!" Or something.

Just a thought.
Well hello again! I'm uploading something! Isn't that exciting!

Sorry for the LOOOOOONG delay. I've posted here and there so if you've seen those posts, you know I've been having back issues, changed jobs temporarily, moved, and lots of other things. I think I drew this well over a year ago at this point. In fact, according to my notes, I completed the playthrough for Nightmare back in 2011! So it's getting pretty old at this point. I haven't drawn anything new for a while, but I realized I had already inked this one so I decided to go ahead and finish it.

Art looks like crap but that's nothing new. Considering out out of practice I am, the new stuff will likely look like crap too!

I don't know when that next page will be. I have it started but I'd guess probably at least two weeks. Don't expect it sooner but I hope I don't keep you waiting much longer than that.

So after all this time, we finally meet Roxie, the Oreburgh Mine catch. I remember not being satisfied with naming her Roxie, but couldn't shake the name once I thought of it. Oddly enough, this was right around the time they revealed Roxie as part of Black2/White2. I remember thinking they stole my name.

Also that's three Pokemon in a row that had a Hasty nature. I didn't know anything about natures back then but now that tends to be one of my favorites. I usually go for attack or speed natures and don't worry too much about defense. (Hasty raises speed while lowering defense, you see.) It's not necessarily a good nature for a Geodude, but I just think it's funny how Wayne, Mighty, and Roxie all got the same one.

I am not good at drawing hats, or in this case, helmets. I'm also not good at drawing glasses. So Roark is like the perfect foil to me. I realized while editing it that this is at least partially due to my style. Eyes are usually pretty far apart so glasses come out looking bigger than they should have to be. I also tend not to have much of a forehead so when I have to give them a hat, I either end up with their head looking huge or more of the face cut off than there should be. Maybe I'll learn how to do it better with Roark. We'll see.

When drawing this, I was too lazy to look up what a pickax actually looks like, so who knows what kind of tool I actually drew. I just liked how it turned out despite how it changes size every panel so I couldn't bring myself to edit it. So it is what it is.

See you with the next page! I have an EotGG page ready to be edited so that will probably be up next!
Do not adjust your favorite list!
You're not seeing things! We have an update! ...A filler piece of art to let you know I'm still around but... still...

Allow me to explain a bit. (Hopefully a bit. I don't want to be too long winded with this.) 2015 broke my record of fewest updates. I know we've been going downhill the last few years and it annoys me too. Recently, two good friends of mine, SilverLunarWing and theB3ing, cancelled their own comics, Shinka The Last Eevee and Pokemon Beta respectively. I respect their decision to do so and have no problem with them decided to call it quits when they said they did so specifically because they didn't enjoy it anymore. I wouldn't WANT them to keep going if they didn't want to.

But for some reason them both announcing their cancellation made me paranoid that people didn't know that I intended to make a comeback. So here we are with this update.

There are a lot of factors, but the biggest reason 2015 saw such a decline in updates is because my back starting causing me problems. It's painful sitting at my desk for extended periods. I kept expecting to find solutions or ways to get around it, or just to fix my back in general. But it's become clear my back troubles are here to stay and so I just have to learn to work through them. The problem now is just that I am simply out of practice with updating and drawing in general. I kinda had to relearn Manga Studio a bit just making the few pieces of art I've done the last several months. And it's obviously unrelated, but I am in the middle of trying to buy myself a house so it's entirely possible I'll be moving in the coming months.

I say that only to point out that updates will be coming, but they are going to be slow at first. I have to figure out what my limits are exactly with my back and just simply get back into the habit of drawing. Do I have a time frame or update schedule? No, not yet, I'm afraid. But soon?

Those of you that watch both comics will notice that I put this up on both Nightmare and Just Gotta. (And both will have the same comment below, just FYI.) I'm putting it on both just for the ones that just watch one or the other. But anyways, both comics will be making a bit of a comeback, but to be honest, Nightmare may take slightly more priority for the first little while. I already have the next page in the works while Just Gotta has hit a wall and hard. Just Gotta has always had its problems I've had to try to fix as I go seeing as I'm too stubborn to rewrite it. And seeing how I like to write and imagine action/fight scenes but not draw them and Just Gotta has like three fighting scenes going on right now, it's kinda hard for me to deal with. To get things going I might just take a break from the current chapter and do an extra or something. That had been my plan like a year ago so I might just have to go through with it.

Anyways, expect probably more Nightmare updates than Just Gotta updates when things start moving. It might switch to the other way around again, but we'll have to see. For some reason I try as hard as I do with Nightmare yet don't hold its art to as high of a standard. Not sure why that is... it's weird.

So yeah. Hope you guys have managed to stick around and will be around for what comes next!

It's been forever since I've drawn Hillaree and yet somehow I still could do it from muscle memory. Not that weird I guess. I gave Nightmare Mewtwo his book so he hopefully isn't confused with Just Gotta Mewtwo. Also I need to stop trying to put Mewtwos back to back because I always get in trouble with their tails. The text kinda has double meaning. It's supposed to be like, "We're still here for you!" but also be like, "Hey, Vye, your comics literally aren't progressing!" So that's fun, heh.

I hope to see you guys soon! (If anyone is still around that is! Hahaha!)
Well that was quick
Good thing he didn't go through the 5 stages of grief. That would hold the plot up. And might add some emotion to his backstory we are supposed to care about...

And didn't we already know all this information? Are we just waiting for a plot twist so we can learn something new? I could have sworn we knew everything that has happened so far but now we just are sitting through it.

Sorry, I don't like to just leave negative comments. I am just getting frustrated again. Unfortunately the only positive thing I have to say is that I'm glad there hasn't been obvious copying and pasting of the artwork from page to page, so at least I know each one is getting worked on individually again.
I love you, Mewtwo
The fact that you are a Star Wars fan makes me love you even more.
Aw, I'm sorry for your loss. Have a safe trip!

Sounds like some fun prizes. I'd say I'd be in but I have a bad history of not completing contest entries for stuff I want to enter. So I may not be the best one to help decide anything...
I realize you have a deadline. I realize you have a few updates a week.

But I don't think I can use the copy and pasting tools ever again after reading the last few chapters. Just the same images over, and over, and over. I'm not going to say I have never taken the lazy way out, but we're getting to be borderline excessive... We've used that image of Siska from the banner probably over 10 times, I swear. (I am honestly afraid to count.)

I hate being negative or sound mean, but in case you were hoping no one would notice, I DID.
Seems legit, ha ha.
I don't know what you're talking about.

...But seriously, those that have been watching me for a while have GOT to be expecting this. I mean, I even said in my Pokemon Top 10 that I just couldn't stop myself from inserting him into my comics. COME ON.

I might have a problem in that regard.

In all seriousness, I actually did not originally intend to reveal this this early. It was meant to be a bit of a mystery as we read other entries with Darkrai. But then I started the Y Stories on Deviant Art that detailed Vye traveling through Kalos. I'm unable to confirm if they are canon with Nightmare or not, but even if they aren't canon, Vye's history is still the same there. It was dang hard dancing around this character for so long and now I can finally just come out with it there!

Yeah, I wanted to reveal it here first so I just threw him into the end of the extra, ha ha. But I like the ending anyway so let's just roll with it.

But anyway, I hope you enjoyed this extra. I have the next page started but with OmegaRuby coming out... might be a while before we see it. Heh. We'll see!
Oh, wait.
So we're NOT supposed to assume just because it came out of Vye's bag that it belongs to her?

Also, lazy city backgrounds, go!

Sorry this one is a text heavy page. Not much I could do with it. But we're almost through the extra now!
Flashback-y goodness
Lazy? Me? What are you talking about? I didn't just leave the lineart and fill the panels with effects and justify it as Darkrai not being there so not getting the full picture anyway. WHY EVER WOULD YOU THINK OTHERWISE?

...That said, I actually like the effect...
Go, Darkrai, go!
Modesty is one of Darkrai's greatest qualities.

I experimented with third panel. Maybe only about half successful. But hopefully it gets the point across well enough.
Extra Time!
Here we go with the next extra! Been a while! So let's get to it!

I actually started drawing this like over a year ago and only just recently drew the last page. So Darkrai's design changes slightly... Been a while since we've seen him in the flesh!

Some people got the impression Darkrai couldn't read. Not that I blame them, but sorry! He's really smart and has been reading for more than 100 years!

So yeah. The extra revolves around Darkrai and the book he had on Page 37. For anyone wondering where it came from, now we're about to see what it is.

Next page is in fifteen minutes!
By saying her body will only move based on instinct we're supposed to be okay with her being able to talk? Unless we are supposed to understand that we are actually hearing Kratos speak through her? Also Kratos' explanation is flawed anyway because if she was just reacting on instinct, she would have no reason to attack unless Kai attacks her first. Unless human instinct has changed to just kill everything in front of you and I haven't noticed. Even if we stretch it and say those instincts she's using are demon instead of human, that doesn't make sense either unless we want to throw out any attempt at emotions or back story that involves them actually caring about each other. They either kill everything or they don't. Can't have both.

Also I like the flip flopping of Kratos this chapter. "It's going to be a shame to lose you Siska, but I gots to do what I gots to do! Oh wait, you actually have a brain and can use it logically to figure out what's happening? No way I could have seen that coming! You might actually die? Well crap. Better take over your mind wasting energy on someone I plan on probably dying anyway. If only I had power to manipulate memories to make you forget about a five second conversation about Kai being back and just pretend this meeting never happened rather than risk losing what I keep referring to as a valuable asset!"

Seriously though. Just make her forget Kai. So much less complicated than making her want revenge. She'd probably be more level headed and work better that way instead of just being fueled by anger and junk.

Sorry. I really don't want to be mean. Just Kratos' horrible planning annoys me to no end.

All that said, I like Siska in that last panel. She looks good.
Another one for you.
I had forgotten I finished this page, if I'm honest. Guess I might as well put it up. Still working on more but might as well give you something.

The book is going to be explained in an extra. And this page is what leads Darkrai into his own Nuzlocke! Woo! So hopefully I can get that up soon too. Mostly just wanted this up so I can start the extra. So that's coming up next.
And it should be "tell me more about that mew" instead of "say me."

But otherwise a good page. I like the lighting effects a lot.
Woo, update!
After being so lazy for so long, I got the itch to update again and so here we are. The next page is even in the works. The very soonest it will go up is in like two weeks though as I want to see if I can get a stockpile of them again.

Other than that, really not much to say. We're off to find Roark. My scans aren't being uploaded right. Not sure what settings changed but they are coming in really rough again. I was livestreaming the work on this page and I just complained about it the whole time. I played with it here and there to see if I could fix it but couldn't figure it out. I'll have to see what I can find before the next page.

See you guys then!
I have three predictions.
But I don't want to be mean so I don't know if I should share them. Basically I have an idea of how this turn of events SHOULD go, the way it COULD go, and the way it SHOULD NOT but probably will go. So we'll see if I am right when all is said and done.