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drawing, comics, making friends, having fun.
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yay rape time. I:
I: ugh...
This is just annoying and pissing me off now. Take a cold shower and put your dick back in your pants! Sit down and talk to him! Don't push him into shit! Rupert, I'm disappointed in you, i don't care how horny you are, get that smile off your face.

Sorry dear, i really do like your comic, this issue is just a very sensitive subject.
@boiseboo: Being pushed into something you're not sure about sometimes makes people unable to say anything, that they're to afraid to speak up,that they don't want to angry that one person, a lot of thoughts run into their head. I feel Max on this because it happen to me a lot growing up. Of course Rupert should feel embarrassed or ashamed of doing that because he should know the feeling being pushed and bullied into something isn't the greatest feelings. It isn't right. That's just how i feel though.
I don't think it is right to push him, like not at all. For someone who got bullied into such a thing in the beginning, he should understand. I still think Rupert rushed into that shit far to hard and is just thinking about himself and not seeing the signs that he is really uncomfortable, putting peer pressure into anything will make him not want it more. It isn't fair and uncalled for. I know people are looking forward to the 'sex' but i'm not, not when it is like this.
gosh jeez, he doesn't waste any time i guess.

'You finally told me you like me, okay, let me suck your dick now!' XD lol
Aww man.. :c *hugs*
@SomiJuli: oohh :c well, hopefully we'll get to see more as the story goes on !
:( this hit so many issues that so many people go through, a lot of my friends had to deal with this... I am thankful my parents weren't like this. My heart goes out to Rupert, stay strong dear! :c
@SomiJuli: xD Sorry, my happy seeing Evan was just short. ^^ I am enjoying the comic though~
ugh.. :c
Hey, stay away from Evan! Though what he called max is pretty funny hehe, the face he made is quite priceless. x3 hehehe...
@SomiJuli: Aww, I would love to read his story so much!
Oh jeezus, Max seriously? uggh..

:( Evan!
Yeaa, my favorite character is back! :D EVAAAN! <3
Guess i'll never know :(

Hope it sells well.
I'm going to miss Evan.. :(
eeeeekkk >////< this made me happy... Siiiigh. :) thank you <3
:3 I wanna smother Mikal. murrr >//<
>3 You want to be here? Then take it like a B*tch! Or vixen, which ever :3 Heheh....