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why the hell are you reading this?
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July 1st, 2010
this is great ha no matter how many times i watch it it never gets old xD
well damn! malik maybe u should try wiggling could work>.>
aw screw the hole you cant hit a girl shit im a girl and i say go for it ^________^ give em one hell of an ass whoopin they need to learn when things have gone too far :3
this is wonderfully and expertly done i lvoe it... but just in case im on my guard.. if she decides to give me a heatr attack :3
they look so innocent here...this makes me hate him twice as much :3
CRAP! great just great now u had to get it pissed i dont know wats scarier riley or this demon from hell either way will miss u kid!!! waves white flag!!!
just keep walking faster...maybe hes lives on the same street as u?!
o____o count ur fricking blessings!!!!
kid needs to take judo :P until then i suggest u RUN!!!!!!
well... he takes tantrums to a hole new level :3