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I go by many names, but most call me Rainey or Beta.

I am an artist, a spriter, and still new to comic making.

I'm also making a comic call Echo with a firend help.

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    Quayshaun Rainey
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September 21st, 2010
I was having fun with GIF.
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I was having fun with GIF.
Okay if you ever see, Zoko coming just run. REALLY JUST RUN!
I'd buy one as well.
Ow.... that was low.
I want to cameo :3
Haha this is going to be good.
O.o scary
It look weird. Like Awes say.
I be your partner.
It look a little weird. Sorry,just saying.
T.T For the people that don't know. He talking to hes self. Plus I having a hard time of thinking. ^^;
Yeah I didn't like it too. hmm...
Here the sprite I gotten done.