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I go by many names, but most call me Rainey or Beta.

I am an artist, a spriter, and still new to comic making.

I'm also making a comic call Echo with a firend help.

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    Quayshaun Rainey
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September 21st, 2010
I was having fun with GIF.
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I was having fun with GIF.
Okay if you ever see, Zoko coming just run. REALLY JUST RUN!
I'd buy one as well.
Ow.... that was low.
Haha this is going to be good.
O.o scary
It look weird. Like Awes say.
I be your partner.
It look a little weird. Sorry,just saying.
T.T For the people that don't know. He talking to hes self. Plus I having a hard time of thinking. ^^;
Yeah I didn't like it too. hmm...
Here the sprite I gotten done.
Run! Run away!