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I love anime and manga...funny ones especially and have a great sense of story. I love art.

Dislikes: Yaoi, Yuri, Ecchi, Hentai, Shonen-ai, Shojo-ai, Perverted things, Foul language, excessive violence, or anything rated 18+ [unless it's not excessive and the plot is great.]
@campanella: XD haha glad you think so!

Professor Milton [purple hair] having to deal with this erm random student makes this so cuute! XD
LOl! = u = got to love the patience Milton has for you all!

Read Left to right.

oh and please treat this as a lil page break.

[and continue the story collab from the page "Im just gunna crawl away..." ]
Milton: *ahem* any questions?
Professor Milton
OH gosh after months of no internet...I finally get it back! ANyway, I had the teacher done during those months but because alot of free-wifi services blocked smackjeeves...I had no choice but to wait to get the internet back @ home! ; u ; GLad to be here!<3



Name/Nickname: Milton

Age: ???

Birthday: ???

Gender: Intersex [XXY meaning born with both Female + Male chromosomes hence both genders]

SO: Not Applied. Although Milton chose to be male, he won't date anyone because of Gender/Physical issue!]

Mudblood/Pureblood: ???

Hogwarts Year Teaching: 2

House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Mahoghany, 11", pliable [Milton likes to make it look like a pencil when not using it.]

Pet: An odd purple bird named "Star" [he looks sort of like a kiwi]

Likes: "Star", Books, Bakery goods, Soup, Fruit Drinks, Tea, Poultry, Fish, Unicorns, Leather looking things, Nature, people who respect boundaries and rules, music, art, creativity

Dislikes: Flirts, Date seekers, people questioning his physical issue, troublemakers, Extreme class clowns,

Personality: Kind, respectful, and patient usually. He's VERY forgetful except for some things. He tends to confuse people's names for others. If you start to flirt or try to become close to him as possible [in a love way and not a friendship way], He'll immediately change into a mean guy and tell you to "bug off" or turn you into something if you get him really angry [This leads him into trouble with the other teachers]. Not to mention, It'll tend to be hard to get him to like you as friend again once you hit that mark and, also note, this is one of the things he WON'T forget. So, avoid it!

Bio: Milton doesn't remember the past due to amnesia. The only things he ever succeeded in recalling were his name [at least the First but not the Last name], his pet's name, and an extensive knowledge in Transfiguration. Because of the situation and superb Transfiguration knowledge, he landed a job in teaching at Hogwarts.

-During spare time, Milton tries to search about the past as much as possible in order to go back and reunite to whoever family he belongs to.

-Milton won't date anyone because of his physical/gender situation. Also because it creates tons of issues that he prefers not to deal with.

-He likes Neutral and warm colors for Clothing (:

-hint: he's older than he seems. [Hopefully you guys will succeed in making him remember stuff or just use him in your comic page/panel! Oh! And if you want your character do something that makes him recall something from his past, you may do so. You can create his "past story" of something that may have happened to him. ;3 you can even include your character and make a "don't you remember me?" type of ordeal! XD ah! And remember: There was no love relationship going on in his past. BUT...there was one love interest. She was a cute girl who fell gravely ill and died holding his hand. ; n ; hnnnggg...she had the biggest heart of the world<3]

-Don't ask him for a date or try to flirt with him or do your lovey-dovey stuff [he'll just try to avoid you or put you in the "ignore" list. But do go ahead and try. XD]

Classes teaching: Transfiguration

Best class: Transfiguration

Worst class: Unknown

Patronus: Unicorn

Animagus: a Fairy Pitta [it's a lil bird<3]
its a trap!
= ^ = -tension tension- I sense something here! and for some reason I don't like him either! -high fives Junta-

[he's fishy...very fishy...]
Lol. I wonder if Pikachu decides to stalk Atticus after he simply ignores it or does something to it. And because of this, the girl will follow the pikachu hence also stalking Atticus or become a leech/"friend" just to acquire that pikachu.

Can't say, though. pffft...
I am now a fan of this! ; 3 ; FF [the first day too!] -FAVS-

By the way, where do you go to get the screentones?

[since, I think you've mentioned that you used photoshop only...]
; A; itssss the pedoooossssstatuuuue....................hnng -hides for dear life-

; u ; -misses the cartoonish style 'cuz it was XXXXXXXXXadorable- <33

but this is good too [thoughIliketheotherBUTIcan'tforceYoutochangeit<3]-holds her car keys- no problem! = u = [there'snothingtoworryabout...]

*favs Ur comic*