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JUBY HERE. ( - 3 - )

I guess I should say some stuff. *ahem*

Umm well, to keep some shred of routine in my life, I started making comics in high school.
So blah blah blah, 2 years passed, things happened, and now I'm virtually living a different life.
What's even weirder is that...

I've come right back to making comics!

Let's see where I end up in another two years.

For times sake, this wiki will explain all about Vocaloid for those who don't know already:

So. Where do I begin? My bother first showed me Vocaloid 5 or 6 years ago and I was like "What the heck is th-HOLY CRAP THIS IS FLIPPIN' AMAZING!". Sadly, at the time, there were only a few songs out and no such things as a utaite. So I moved on disappointedly for awhile until my sister sent me a video that would change my itunes forever. (lol)
She sent me "Meltdown" and I jammed so hard. Then I found "Just Be Friends" and I jammed even harder. Then I scoured YouTube all night and I knew then and there...I was addicted. Bad.

So that's basically how it went. Oh and I have to explain that I never listened to english covers. Ever ever ever. I'm a hypocrite, I know, but I just hadn't heard any I liked. UNTIL ASHE. I was astounded and was like "Respect yo." so maybe that's where the idea of covering sprung up. The pieces were always there, I just never noticed them...'til the mic arrived.
My decision making skillz
Regrets are the seasoning of life...
Deliciously bitter and flare up my allergies.
AAAAAA I WAS IN OVER MY HEAD! When the mic arrived, it sat there and brought reality like a punch to the face.
I was like "Woahwoahwoah, this is for reals. And it's shinier than thought."

To this day, I still don't know what possessed me get that mic.
So it might've been a little impulsive, but no great adventure started from a carefully calculated plan. ...I think.
Oh well, it was great. I offered to buy it with my meager savings, but my mother was surprisingly on board and paid in full!Probably because I said it would be an investment and I'd share it with the whole family buuuuuut...ahaha..aha.. something
Okay. Yes. I did some community theater in the past...*cough* like every Summer since I was three. BUT I'M NOT ASHAMED!

Well maybe a little. I mean, who wants to admit they've had to dress up as a pig in a diaper for a bunch of kids? Nobody, that's who.
I will bury select memories of such times deep in my mind.
Veeeerrry deep.
April 19th, 2013
Relaxing is hardest thing I will ever do
Why is it so hard to just lay there and do nothing?
I mean, I love nothing, nothing's my favorite past time and yet!
There I am. Lying on my bed being instructed to relax as if it were
some sort of complicated procedure. And you know what? It was terrible!
All I could think was "Maaaan, I could be eating Neapolitan right now."

Therapy wasn't very therapudic
So let me share with you the riveting tale of my time in therapy.
It lasted around half a year and consisted mostly of multiple attempts to speak the same language. Example:

"I don't like school."

"And that means...."

"I do not enjoy public education..?"

But it's not like I don't believe in therapy.
It's just that what I wanted wasn't something that therapy could provide.
Your Mother *snaps*
So I think I need to explain that I, myself, signed up for therapy.
Not my mother.

I even took myself in for a check up just to figure out why I felt so low.
You see, my mother was never convinced that I was "depressed" or really had "anxiety", so I was like "BIYATCH JUST SIGN ME UP FOR EVERYTHING."

And so this takes place amidst that...
I obviously need sleep
I must be a sick person because I'm still posting this.
You would think I'd be like "No Juby, no. At least sleep on it."
HAAAAA no. Reason jumped out the window ages ago and I honestly am not mourning the loss.
April 12th, 2013
I'm back
So this is weird.
Like a substantial amount of weird.
I really have no idea what I'm doing and I have no idea if this going to be any good.
In fact, I doubt anyone would care to read about misadventures of my 17 year old self.
AAAAA Seriously what am I doing?

I'll post another soon.
@AlwaysAfter: Haha, I just like being unpredictable sometimes. Keeps ya on your toes! ;D
@AlwaysAfter: Yeah, I'm just trying to make it through high school with my sanity intact. Thanks for your support, I wont give up! (^__^)
See You Space Cowboy
I contemplated writing out a long gushing sob story about the
reasons for the hiatus but I figured simplicity is just as good. (^__^)

To tell the truth, I dont know when I'll be back or if I'll pop in and out
just for the heck of it( wich is very probable). The only thing you can
predict for the future is the unpredictable, so dont worry and
I'll see you soon!
@reidcl999: As an avid microwave user, I can confirm this statement.

...I can also confirm it looks like a really big phone. (-__-)
@Airafleeza: lololol I know, right!
They always stare at me blankly as an awkward silence ensues. (=__=);;
Healthy Choices Are Sucky Choices
Last year I tried to eat out of the school vending machines
but ended up cold and ashamed lying naked on the
floor (random old song reference). So this year I'm trying to
eat healthy and get tons of protein into my diet.
Basically my regimen is something between that of a
body builder and an old man.

...I'm not gonna even mention the taste.
@jinxreject: OH GOD! I SEE IT TOO!
@IEatTacosForDinner: So cute...that I could get away with murder? Maybe?
@sabbo(e)ros: Good. Gooooood. Keep looking...
And THAT, My Dear Friends, Is Childhood
This was the best part of my childhood. You're given a glass and
the choice of 10 different magical spritzers. You think "I must
have them all!" But in the end you've been left with a dark brown
hodgepodge of flavors.

...It tastes awful but you dont care.
Lavatory Ladies
So during the Summer, I went to Austin and stayed at the Four Seasons
hotel and it was fan-effing-tastic! The best part was probably how
ridiculous the lobby bathroom was. They had framed paintings, a large
vintage bench, completely enclosed stalls, marble tiles, and of course
the top 40 songs playing. They even had the last letter from the Alamo
framed outside the door.

TL;DR ...Crazy rich people and their money.