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Spiffy yo.
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Oh man please tell me his family member was the mom not the dad. It would suck to have ottos personal demon be the tie to the person he most looks up to...
If he kills Jupiter's relative I will scream.
Is Wallis going to act jealous that he isn't part of the drama? Like obviously that's jot what he's really worried about but it sounds like something he would do to cover his real troubles.
Re reading the comic and and wow I didn't notice the x ray bones under his gloves. Considering what we know about "pieces" now (Not to give anything away for new readers) that is really really interesting.
Sooo..... when he was having his colors drained way in the beginning it was like a Super blood transfusion?

Edit: also earlier is showed him drained of all color but yellow after seeing the shimmery rainbow area of the sand. Since most stylistic changes in this comic represent something literally or idealistically.... what does that mean with regards to the sand and himself? Is yellow worry?
I mean it was heavily implied that chip knew his brother used his mouth for.... similar thongs but damn chip. So cold!
Could red be lying and just pretending to go along with the plan? That would be a neat twist!
Next they share their secret best recipes and exchange cell numbers.
Finally omg aaaa
How did he get a credit card when he is under eighteen lmao
Thats.... definitely an escalation.

I love double meaning titles like this.
yay dinner~
them rockstar shoes though...
wait. wait. oh no. is that....?
Wow its been so long since dat hair.
"Robots can't lie" dang so blue really is the first of her kind if even other robots go by that logic.
So he's only silent inside the suit?
Is his hand backwards there?

Also omg silent guy. I love it! Is he totally mute?
I like how he just casually holds the weights in one hand like its nothing.