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I'm a french Canadian (Quebec). I have so many ideas for stories and so little time to do them... What I would love is to have a partner, a background artist since my specialty character design!
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I'd say both the original and the translation... if you only put the original, you're loosing a large audience and if you put only the translation, you loose that authenticity!
I'm with Senji here... same difference! :P
He's good, manipulation to the max! :P
For mass effect 3, they will release a free DLC expanding the endings!
Man, I would love to voice that guy!!! He falls right in my archetype! I like to call them "sophisticated bad guys" ^^

Peut-etre "que" c'est l'ennui
would be a better structure.
Well... "Vous" is more of a polite way to speak to a person while "tu" is familiar.

Oh and happy birthday in advance dude! ^^
yup, mass effect IS awesome... so is this comic! ^^
hum... did she just come to peace with what she is or did she just completely lost her mind and will go rampage? Oo
so she's an orphan... that explains a lot!
heh, she clearly has issues!
Nice!!! Didn't even know there was such a creature! XD
oh crap... looks like a mexican stand off! XD
Wait... you mean she won't sparkle in the light? awwwwwwww :P
oh my... vampire puns that suck... right! :P
@artificer urza: C'est sure que ca serait a considerer. En ce moment j'me concentre sur trouver une job a Montreal pour y demenager! J'te redonne des nouvelles si ca t'interesse! ;)
I hear you brother! Hard times and so many stories... We are on the same boat! I can draw my own stuff but I lack the background drawing skills and I'm a VERY poor writer... That's when collaborations are cool!
oh yeah turkey time! ^^
ouf, it was just a dream! *looks to the ground* ooooooh.... crap!

Oh! If you where at the pannel for voice acting, then we could have met because I was there too! ^^ And I asked a question... my question was about the artist union.
That looks... tasty ¬¬