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Don't mind me, i'm just the guy with the edible character.

Pay me no heed.
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The SFC ORG was held on a private forum where applicants on Deviantart got to play as pre existing characters in the SFC universe. There has been two sofar and it looks like its going to be a yearly thing.

Also someone was Gatemaster in the first one.
@AkumaTh: Actually I played the role of Lucky. What I tried to do was keep an upbeat atmosphere not only in my tribe but in the primary campgrounds where everyone met up. I always tried to convince others that they were better off than I was and tried to encourage everyone. As for a strategy game, it was all done behind the scenes. I was aligned with Krauss and while he did the more offensive work, I worked to steer people to our side. When Krauss left the game I sort of became a powerhouse. Even though I should have been pissed, I still tried to cheer everyone up at camp. Heck by the end of it, Lucky had become a favorite for the Jury and the Hosts. If I had gotten into the final round, I was told that I would have won by a landslide.

Also I made little drawings on almost all of my votes to at least lessen the blow from being voted out.
@LordViking: Apparently according to Chimcharlover (who actually played as his own character) Everything that was done by Artemis in the ORG was in character. Including that final statement where he refused to accept that Artemis lost.

Chimchar was just pissed at everyone but mostly at the person who was playing as Sunflower for beating him, so he called her delusional and told them to get help.
@LordViking: No that was still Artemis. The person playing Sunflower won. Artemis tied with the person playing as Juiced Up, and then I came in right before both of them as the last person to be voted off.
Also one more thing about Artemis' creator being immature about Artemis. A screencap when he lost in the SFC ORG 2
@AkumaTh: According to comments on DA, Chimcharlover and SWSU had a falling out where Chimchar complained that SWSU did season 11 wrong by not making Artemis the winner saying that the season with Artemis winning is the true and superior season. SWSU made Artemis behave like that because if he had the ability to use the character, he might as well use it in a way that reflects how the character was portrayed by the creator. As for the fat part, I think that was for shits and giggles.
Folks this is what happens when you get too attached to your character and try to force everyone to see them the way you see them.

As for the contestants.

Bernie seems like he will stick around until late premerge or ealry merge. People like him usually last that long.

Cleopatra I actually see her either leaving fairly early due to trying to be a villain, or leaving late merge due to being a almost successful villain.
Omigawd TeK how cooooould uuuu

Grett 0 was my fav comic of all tiem!
I guess thats how the not so old saying goes:

TV kills ideas.
Yaaay Angel Goddess stayed.
@sesareee: Out of JU and Claus, I liked Claus better and I thought that he always deserved to get farther than JU. It would be fair if he were to make it at least to the finals.
For some reason, this page has made me think that Claus will either make it to the final two/three or Win.
Super Claus Brothers: Game of the year.
Its official: This season is the one that has me the most confused.
This is why I love Eli.
@cRaZyKiD9219: Fireworks? don't you mean nuclear explosion?
This may sound mean, but aside from not enjoying the character much, I kind of want Artemis gone just so Tofuchao can be the only Sonic character to make it to the finale.

But in other words, yaaay Flay is gone, but I still kind of want Sunflower gone.

I really don't want Sunflower to be in the game any longer.
I'm going to be honest here (And people might think I sound like a dick), but I just can't enjoy characters who cry a lot and are over-sensitive.
I really don't want Eli to leave, he's the comedy relief this season needs.

Also he might accidentally find out who would win since he knows how the comic works.