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My name Tommi and I like to draw , write, read you know all those nerd stuffy. Hey I'm proud of being a nerd some day we'lll rule the world
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that asshole he knew what his friends forced Tamu into but he used it as an excuse to get rid of him. Poor baby its not your fault!
baby penguins! Oh Aki I remember being in your shoes , well sometimes I still am, it will take a while to get comfortable with that fear cause it doesn't go away but you learn to surpass it to be happy. You're not alone you lovable uke
sigh that use to be me but college forced me to study now. That poor baby those bruises look like they hurt a lot.
poor Aki well at least he's openly talking about it and not like waiting until they break up to say whats wrong like so many clichés.
classic story between duty and love sigh
sighas so many young naïve lovers before you ya followed what you thought was love blindly :(
Nice! But seeing poor Joshua bring a sense of dread and sadness not spoiling anything for people who haven't read his story!
I forgot how hot Kaidou looks without his suit on god damn o.0 Aki you are so adorable never change!
@renchikolul: Zati of course!
@popcornxing: your welcome hugs back!
like his mother damn doesn't even realize how hes being used poor baby
2 months that's a lot of work and it turned out beautifully might I add!
his chibi version is adorable xD
I feel Rain's pain since my brother has his child )is about a year and a half now) I've been getting serious baby fever. Unfortunately it hurts me to know that I can never father one myself and I know that I couldn't stand getting pregnant.I know there are other ways to have a child but that fact always is on the back of my mind. Wow you really knowhow to capture these difficult emotions well!
oh no 0.0
hmmm this is getting interesting
take of yourself that's more important we can wait patiently for you to get better. hugs
oh boy this cant end well for him
big snake like creature shooting flame balls...nice xD
That's just cruel seriously even if he can't die he can still feel pain.