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So I caught a serious case of some unknown disease that I refer to as "The Plague" the other week and was able to do very little aside for roll around and be sick. T_T But! The Plague has lifted now so updates should resume as usual.

Also, there's a new "about" page up, so feel free to check that out as well. c:
January 15th, 2011
I know I know I know
I said that I'd upload sketches in place of pages in the case of extreme business, but this was a cover page and cover pages are always full-color pages and I just really hated to upload a sketch instead of a full-color page.

Rest assured, with regular pages, I won't mind uploading sketches instead because they're in grayscale anyways.

Also, I've updated the incentive for TopWebComics; the link to vote for 'Singer' is in the 'Extras' page along with the previous incentive, in case you never got to see it. The new incentive is a picture of a character that has yet to be officially introduced. c:
Aaaand Chapter 2 END!
Hope y'all enjoyed this chapter! :) Also, the poll results are in; looks like I will be uploading sketches on overly-busy days.
Hope everyone had a good holiday!

AnyMousse: Thanks! And according to the start/last modified dates on the file, it took about four hours to do.

Devilia666: Glad you like it! :)
Check the homepage
There's currently a poll up that concerns the comic itself in the News feed, so I suggest that y'all check it out. (:
Man, I dunno about you guys, but between the two Thanksgiving meals I was (sorta) forced to eat, I felt like I was gonna pass out by like 8:30 PM. xD What is it about turkey that makes people so sleepy?
So my computer has been fussing at me due to space issues (I have too much stuff on my hard drive, apparently) and this is late 'cause GIMP doesn't like working with as little space as it's been given to work with. Hm. xP In other news, all comments have now been officially responded to! Yay. (I meant to respond to them a lot earlier and just never got around to them. Whoops!)
@snetsae13: xD Well, welcome to the manga, then!! Glad I have a recognizable icon, at least. ^^ Hope you enjoy the manga as much as the story version!

@painstainedjeans: xD A good chunk of Singer WAS written on a PC! Then I was gifted a Mac, which I use now. (Because, hey, free computer.) But, nah, I have no problem with PCs, but in Singer (I'm pretty sure it was mentioned in Singer, anyways...) Rachel used a Mac full-time, ergo she'd naturally be more of an Apple-person. x3 Also, your anecdote made me laugh, even if it was a little pointless. xD
@Kitmaro: Haha, well, that's what happens when someone who's primarily an author gets into drawing. Lots and lots of text. xD; Glad you're enjoying the manga, though!
@Stig Hemmer: Glad you've been enjoying it so far! And, yes, librarians are some of the best people ever, hm? x3 As for Rachel's last name... Well, it'll come up again later. c:

@flooj9235: xD Well, I'm happy that you at least think you like my drawing style. And you're not the only one who has to go back and look things up. I remember the general gist of things, but I have to go back and refresh my memory on MANY parts. xD;
@AnyMousse: There are several silly little music references and things in my stories. That's just one of them. xD Glad ya caught the reference, though!
@The FiboNACHI Sequence: Haha, I'm glad you like it so much, then! x3 (And, hey, the pretentious writers box is a fun place to be. xD)
@Devilia666: Updates are a little sketchy, aren't they? xD; Sorry...
Yeah! Get 'im, Niki! >)

(This page made me laugh. xD)
The hiatus is officially over! (It took a while to get my backlog built back up; sorry about that!) Updates should resume as usual now! :D
Mmm... Present. It'd be a little odd to write one story in present and the other in past. Continuity and all that. :3

Besides, if it's what you're comfortable with, then go for it! :]
Thanks to those who joined me on my Ustream the other day as I did this page. :D For those of you who missed it and are interested in hanging out with us, (I say 'us' 'cause there's usually AT LEAST one other person there. xD) I do them randomly, but I post on my Twitter 15-45 minutes in advance when I'm going to do it. Not enough warning time? Well... I broadcast for like two or three hours straight, so feel free to just pop in/out whenever. xD
I dunno why, but the idea of Rachel screaming expletives in the school bathroom gives me the giggles. x3;
Hi, we're random background students. We decided to look completely retarded and make Tah mad. And it worked, too! Yay.

Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge
If you'll check the newly-created Extras page, you'll notice a button there to vote for Singer on TopWebComics. There is now an incentive picture up for those who vote. :D