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Emmm.... well I love anime/manga, music and being multi-cultured. lol
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March 10th, 2013
@Justjoey: Thanks for the updates. I swear every time you do I end up rereading the entire webcomic. I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to your art.
I so excited to see what happens next!
Hey me and my UNI were just there actually! Ai Weiwei is an inspiration isn't he? (It's funny that you were really accurate with your interpretations. Well not so funny. The wall of names were the list of children who died because of "tofu construction"). I had the pleasure of seeing his documentary "Never Sorry." His art is so meaningful. I recommend watching the movie.
On another note, I love your drawing style. I've gotten over excited about art too, haha!
I love lady tatoos! They're crazy sexy.
Although I might be biased. Haha I have a few, but you know, respectable future. even though I'm an artist. It's not really frowned upon when you're an art therapy/Fine arts major lol
Oh my, has he come up with his new song?! (please don't leave him yet Mika)
Count me in!
Even though I'm not that good, I hope you enjoy it anyway! :)
Yeah, well backbacks are pretty needed at my school since all are classes are in different buildings... and we only have one locker in our arts building.
Can you believe I'm in High School!?
Yeah, I tried doing the arm thing but too many books DX
I loved this comic sooo much and I'm so sad its ending *cries to self*
But whats this I hear of a sequel?! :O OH PLEASE YUSSSS!
You have made me possibly the happiest person ever. My mum now thinks I'm crazy XD
I mean I'm so sad thet we're close to the ending butomgthisisawesomesaucetothemax.
:D Awesome story and art so far :D
Cant wait to know the the craziness started
p.s. Comment virginity >:D
Awww Poor lil-Haru. I wanna hug the little dear D:
Well I mean the fight is really realistic cause 3 years is a really long time. By then they both MOST LIKELY would have moved on. Although we already know both of them are gay, and they both had a really hard time apart. :'C I hope they'll be ok, even if it's just as friends.
I almost squee'd if not for the hand over my mouth. I started tearing up from "Fan-pressure" XDDD
Go Shira! >:3 Expand those horizons!!!
YAY! I mean not for poor little name-less friend. I was on vacation in nowhere for 4 days and I come back and see that it was updated 3 times. I cried tears of joy :'D
I love this story srsly. I wonder what shira's up too...
Yay! Shira likes Haru (not that I didn't already expect that)! The way he was acting though was really REALLY calm. I'm guessing that maaaayyybe Shira has liked Haru, or at least found him endearing.
I totally agree with all the alarm clock comments. Alarm clock gunna die >:/
July 12th, 2010
Wow this is lookin great so far. Alan looks so cute in the last panel!
Yay! I love that you updated! I can't wait till the next page comes out
Waaaah! Alex kiss him and tell him you love hime D: *sob cry cry sob* I feel so sad for them both!
Guess what?
I love you for this story. Shiratoris all flustered and looks like he feels all awkward.
And Haru just believes it cause hes so adorably oblivious <3
YAY! I can't wait for the next page!