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I just like reading shounen-ai. so I'm heeeeere! I can draw, infact I'm going to college to be an illustrater, however I prefer to do animals over people. so, I'll just lurk and watch other people's beautiful comics ^^
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If he dies, I cannot ever read another story in my entire life! Its just too much! *sobs*
okay AK....grovel a bit more.....then Bo, you forgive AK....then get on with the makeup looooovin!..........or atleast do something that leads up to makeup lov'n......
YES! usually I dislike side character stories, but I loooooove these too! I could watch them for hours....heehee....hehehehehe....heeeee.....XD
ahhhhhh! That better not be the last thing you say AK! EXPLAIN DARNET!
Oh good, atleast they kiss in the end.kawaii! They make the sweeeeetest couple.... And I think Ike and the duck are PERFECT for each other! lol!
ohhhhh no...I don't want him to get all nasty and veiny too....X_X bleh. lol
ah....thats so wonderful........NOW KISS! *shoves*
wooooooah, the incest....O_O..... lol! joking joking! thats sooooo kawaii! *snuggles in between boys* kiss me too....
pfffft! "scaring him away?" HA! He's one to talk! lol ! but whatever, just get Edward to try again or else Xp
OMYGOSH! he's not wearing a dress.....maybe he IS the seme.....I dunno, I still think he should be the seme for everything but sex, and Kuro-tan be the seme in bed. lol! I'm weird....oh well, either way.
I think mah fave part is their wittle legs ^_^ lol! yaaaaay! an update! I can live and eat and breath again!whoot!
alright!this is the best surprise EVER! ohhhhh....I want more pages like this....* sobs needingly*
alright! jump in bed and do crazy lover stuff. hehehehehe ^________^
dude.....turn around and smooch him! brighten his day. lol!
he may seem unfased, but I can tell he's a storm of desperation and worry underneath that perfectly calm expression.yes....
well he darn well better remember soon then! I expect some hot loving from them!woot!! *head explodes* that is just so KAWAII!!!! the second panel is just too adorable! now I wish there were more pages with just those too.....*watery eyes*
three times a week? got my vote ^_^ weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
ahh...he reminds me so much of myself, reading in bed at night like that.....I think I'll do that now.....kawaii hop!
whoa......tense O.O