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@ImmortalDreams: Hello!!! Oh gosh, I'm so sorry for abandoning the comic so suddenly due to life being hectic...T_T I'm going to finally update and continue it this year, thank you so much for your kind message and support! I saw your comment and it really motivated me to go back and work on the comic ;v;
I'm so terribly sorry about abandoning this comic due to life, but I'm going to go back to work on it slowly!
Please look forward to page updates coming soon!

To those who are still reading my comic, thank you so much (T_T)

- Phantom Pirate is now renamed as PHANTOM HEART
- Takuya has been renamed to Thomas
- Several pages have been edited and revised
@ImmortalDreams @Whiteink

kasjdlasd thank you guys!!!! ;_; that makes me so happy to hear that ;w;;
An update finally @_@ been so busy! :(
September 12th, 2013
@AngelMonoBlade , @Goki Doki , @ArtCell-ist, @SakuraHime2663, @sakerumi : thanks guys! ;A;
@SakuraHime2663: yes it is <3 thank youuu *///*
@Goki Doki: thank you *A* The tones are digital :)
@sakerumi: thanks so muchh ;w;
@Bean Paste: thank you ;A; yep, with watercolors haha. Took about over 7 hours maybe? D:
@DaisyKraft: aw thanks ;_;!! i will do my best~ *A*
@Mikashi: thank you!! TvT ohhh yep, used pre-set tones :)
@BladeWithin: thanks sooo much ;vvv;//
@Whiteink: aww thanks so much!~ ;A; that means a lot to me /// thank you, i'll do my best >v<!! <3 <3
After 1 year hiatus, I am back lol >A<. Will slowly try to update the comic!