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I can't wait, I liked him the most out of the cast. I think it's mainly because I'm a sucker for gas masks. >.>
I miss the glory days of Halo Q.Q. Well guess I could go on the PC, but I suck on PC FPS games.
December 4th, 2010
Yeah I can see why you enjoy drawing this more then GOTS, even though you pulled me in with that comic I'm starting to like this one too. Plus the commitment you put into this one really shows! : D
I gotta say I really enjoy reading your comic, seen it a month back and have been a fan since. : D
I wanted to skip for a few games in my life. Halo 2 - Reach, Final Fantasy XIII and some other RPG's but was never allowed to. Guess since I've never done it, I also see no reason to do it. : <

P.S: Why is it that the asshole survives the longest in RL / videogames? XD
I don't get scared of too many video games anymore but I do know a few that scared the crap out of me as a kid. Resident evil, walking down that hall with floral wallpaper and windows to your right. Not only did the silence make it eerie but the angles your character had to walk added to the uncomfortable mood. When my very first zombie dog broke the window and charged at me, I froze. I jumped out of my seat in terror and had to turn on the light for the longest time.

Another game was silent hill, going through a misty/foggy town and hearing noises that messed with your head was on a whole other level of terror.

Surprisingly even though its my favorite series (until recently), seeing that snake impaled on a tree by Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7 scared me. >.>

...was such a little bitch back then. XD
November 8th, 2010
Always love looking at your storyboards. : D
October 31st, 2010
I got a story to tell then that is similar to yours. About three years ago I went over a used-to-be friends house for his Halloween party. I wore a simple hooded grim reaper outfit without the skeletal features or scythe. Out of pure boredom I decided to sit on his front porch and sit perfectly still and silent, fake butcher knife in one hand and a prop head in the other. Now I was almost lifeless and with my hood you couldn't see anything that looked alive unless you got very close to me.

Half an hour went by when a boy in the neighborhood I knew went up to the house for the party and saw me. Now he thought I was a prop and when he got close I grabbed his hand and lunged at him with the knife, he panicked like cray and ran away from the house as fast as his feet could carry him. I felt so bad but it was so worth it XD.
Really like your work Ketah. : ) It's hard not to judge people these days though, every time I hear a little kid in a video game my first thought sadly is "oh god" ..then again I'm probably just playing the wrong games. Rare to meet a cool gamer in general let a lone one at a real young age. ^_^
Not bad, like Jong's look, wish I actually knew what Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is...the show any good?