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Time Glitch
I like things. And also places.
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Well, you've made it this far...
Hey everybody!

My name's Kellan, and I've done a whole lot of writing for Out of Key.

Some of you might not have even known there was another writer on this comic, unless you've been around a while and seen me post occasionally (and that one guest comic we'll just never talk about). But even though I haven't talked with you all much, I've read every single comment and want to thank you all from the bottom of my fleshy blood-pumper. Reading feedback on your work is just the best feeling in the world, and even though there aren't legions of you, it means just as much. Thank you, so very much, for engaging with us.

So, when Kim was talking about wrapping up Out of Key, I was actually super sad. Even though only a week or so had taken place in the comic, that week had been stretched over 3 years for us. That gives you a lot of time to think about and play around with the characters in your head, and frankly I just wanted to keep going. Even though Kim created the characters and setting, we've collaborated on the plot and character developments from very early on, and by now these characters feel as much mine as hers. I talked with her and she agreed: We liked the characters, and we weren't done with them yet.

Originally, we were going to just keep going with Out of Key. But the more we brainstormed, the more we realized that our ideas were outgrowing the scope of the comic. Our best ideas didn't really fit the premise, and the parts about choir were starting to feel like filler between the story we really wanted to tell.

So we're shifting focus.

Starting in December, we're going to launch a new comic focusing on Teal, Zoey, Sunny, and Perla a few years down the line from Out of Key. We aren't ready to share any details beyond that right now, because what would be the fun in spilling all the beans at once? Safe to say, we're buzzing with anticipation, and we won't just be disappearing for 6 whole months. Pretty soon, we'll start posting odds and ends over at Kim's personal blog,, to keep your appetite whet until the end of the year.

Thanks again for reading all these years, and we'll see you soon.
Time Glitch
September 19th, 2013
absolutely disgusting

It is nice to finally get Teal smiling and havin' a good time though. I don't think we've seen that in...


Time Glitch
September 9th, 2013
oh lord here we go


more like


Time Glitch
September 2nd, 2013
Oh boy.
We got so many pains

Now we gotta feel them all


(toot toot)
Time Glitch
August 21st, 2013
Ms. Lil is taking this very well
It's not like your job/career/purpose in life is over if you can't get all your students back or anything.

Oh, wait.

Boy Teal, in the grand scheme of things you couldn't possibly know about, you're bein' a real turd.

You're forgetting the one who's pulling all the strings: Zoey. The master of manipulation. She's got her fingers in everybody's peanut butter and there's not a chance that she hasn't orchestrated all of this from behind the scenes.

All that you see here is playing out according to her master plan. She knows the ins the outs the ups and how its all going down.

Sorry to spoil the comic for everyone. I am the writer, so you know it's true.
I've been walked in on a few times while singing privately and let me tell you Ms. Lil is handling things much better than I ever did.

It involves a lot of scrambling, sudden coughing, and all the while knowing that the other person absolutely heard you but it is most necessary to cover it up despite the fact.

Also, nice deflection there Teal. I'm sure you'll never have to deal with the whole slip situation.
I wrote this song.
I didn't.

That was a lie.

I've had all this planned out for weeks and even I feel for Ms. Lil. If you aren't in tears right now you're all heartless.

It's ok, Ms. Lil. It's only your hopes and dreams.
Kim is sick.



It's all my fault.

Writer here!

Not dumb at all. If anything, Teal's being dumb. She's overreacting, getting emotional, and blaming the world for everything that's wrong.

She should really stop yelling at people, though. Not gonna make any friends THAT way, Tealster. No ma'am.
Do you really have an eyepatch? Because that's badass.