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indeed XD
@MayelV- lol thanks
@sakurasaki92- i have a few of those XD
smexy kitty is smexy
@ mayelv: and maybe painful
@ sakurasaki92: good we want to keep ourselves together
you can't fool kiwi really can't XD
@ mayelv- she's nice when she wants to be

@ sakurasaki92- lol i would believe it
lol, you're right and i hope that i can keep you guys interested all the way to the end. ;3
XD i like it too
@ Raynreavermugenslain - she's a nice person deep down. XD

@ Mayelv- lol XD
that poor girl.
lol, yeah prettymuch XD
stranger danger! D:
@RaynReaverMugenSlain- in a way yes, XD he was chard. The bow can do a whole lot more. ;3

@MayelV- welcome to the party! thanks for becoming a fan and I hope I have enough demons to keep your interest! :3
there is always that one person. XD very good!!
thanks, i think you might enjoy the next page. :3
oh, k
oh, yeah i was thinking that but then I've never really had much time to work on the newer pages, so I try to give myself more time by updating weekly. ^^;
thanks, and sorry i don't mean to spam. T^T and sorry what i meant was i'm new to how this site works, the comic itself is already at pg. 18 i was just going over them again.
omg this is awesome! the cake part made me lol'd
@ raynreavermugenslain : it's really both ;3 how it's fully used will be shown much later on though D:

@ sakurasaki92 : thank you so much for taking an interest in my comic. :3

thank you for the feed back! X3