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@freehugz: me too 3: but its good he didn't
@Vilani: I think you need hugs.. -hugs- :33 <3
he's so cute. I just want to snuggle him :33
I don't comment on comics much but i'd be so sad if this comic was dead 3: Sorry for being lame and never commenting! this is such an awesome comic! I love it. Please don't let it die 3:
... Kinda afraid of getting sucked in by her boobs and never being found again... XDD
Merry Christmas to you, too :33 I absolutely love this picture! It's so cute how their tails are twined together >3< too cute!
I hope everything gets better for you <3 i love you and your comic :333 good luck and feel better <3
cuute :3 i loved this story on deviantart! :3 can't wait for more <3
... Oh hai there :DD
Ignore the jerks :33 we love you and you're comic! You're an awesome, amazing, beautifully talented (did i mention awesome?) person so don't care about what the meaniebutts say! They're just losers who feel bad about themselves so they have to put others down. I hope everything gets better and you feel better soon <3
I LOVE THAT GAME! Good Job :3 this picture looks awesome, love it <3
I spazzed a bit (well more than a bit) when i saw this updated! WELCOME BACK! <333 :3
September 16th, 2011
oooohhh I loved thor >W< It was so good
"..And then Harrison hits on little boys. nice" that had me laughing for like.. 5 minutes straight XDDDD
Oh gosh he is so adorably cute. I just want to snuggle him :3333 <3
dawwwwww! So cutee :3 I just want to hug them >W<
Agrees with all the "awwwws" xD
They're both so cute :3
Nevermind! xD figured it out. lol :D